Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Virus Won't Run Its Course

As dedicated as I am to my workouts, I feel I am equally dedicated to motivationmamadrama. However, mmdrama caught a BAD virus and is on temporary hiatus, leaving this mama down on her spirits. Unfortunately, there are many acts of maliciousness out in Cyber World intent on corrupting my computer. Therefore, my home access to blogging has been extinguished for the time being. NOW, I know what child feels like to have to relinquish a pacifier or heaven forbid, a blankie.

I feel lost and out of sorts. But I’ll be back shortly. Suffice to say, if only a computer virus would just run its course and be back in tip tock shape in a week or so.

Unfortunately, in computer terms ‘Run its Course’ = $$ and mamadrama time

My TOP 10 valuable lessons I’ve learned without a computer in the past few days of Bloggedless.

  1. Patience – I will not learn nor be the end all and be all of blogging in one month. Trying to do too much too soon leads to injuries…OR horrible computer viruses.
  2. If it looks like a scam, eats away at your computer like a scam, gives you a bad feeling it’s a scam, then by all means, DON’T GIVE IT YOUR PERSONAL BANK ACCOUNT information. IT’S A SCAM! That confession runs right up there with my Non-Dairy Creamy Addiction reconciliation.
  3. Slamming a half a bottle of wine at 2:00 a.m. to help me sleep does not count as calories to my food journal. Extreme stress and anxiety completely justifies this horrible act of self-sedation.
  4. Nothing eases stress like an Insanity Workout. There’s no time for thinking other than thinking how much is left.
  5. Yep, Dancing With the Stars = Still BAD. Something about how proud TO is of Ochocinco for his waltz is just wrong and a big ol’ time waster.
  6. Shaun T is much less intimidating on a 5” DVD screen.
  7. Telling me not to worry and there is nothing I can do about until the morning may sound really great in theory, but in reality….pointless.
  8. Telling myself… “This too shall pass” really does work, if only it worked during the last interval of Plyometric Circuit!
  9. I rediscovered an old habit that was a staple during marathon training LONG RUN Saturdays. You may have heard of it. Kids hate them, adults rarely have time for them, but it’s essential for rebuilding and re-energizing. A nap.
  10. I realized the most important people in my life are...(1) A friend to vent to…(2)….a husband to provide rationale….(3)….a son to play legos with….(4)…. another son to keep me ‘INSANE’…(5)…a friend that knows computers that can give me the hook up!

INSANITY UPDATE: Hard to believe but we’re already half-way through Week 3. I’m proud to say, neither Keelan nor I have missed a workout. He has put on some weight!!! Great news! That boy is eating…FINALLY! Even better, I have lost 5 lbs and feel fantastic! I’ll be traveling to California the rest of the week for work but rest assured Shaun T will be snuggly secured in my carry-on. I’m hoping to keep you posted from the road!

Stay Strong! Stay Motivated. I’m Rhonda L and I’m outta here. Peace out!
(Sorry... Shaun T is wearing off on me!)

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cathy said...

Hey, I hope you're doing okay! California for work? I hope you at least get to go somewhere nice. Hope to see you next week! :)

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