Monday, May 24, 2010

It's Time to GO!

I've met so many people lately who are at a crossroads in their lives.  They are not particularly happy with career choices, their health, perhaps their weight and ready to try something new to make a difference in their lives. 

I think many people get caught up in having to make several changes to our lives to make a difference and therefore we give up before we start.  Whether we might be in poor physical health, poor mental health or often, a combination of the two, simply making the decision for change is a huge step.  Getting your mind ready to start making a positive improvement to your life is essential.  It's time to GO!

So now that you're in the right mindset and ready to make a change, how do you make it happen?  Support, support, support.  For every Negative Nelly and Debbie Downer in this world, there is a Positive Patty and Supportive Sam.  Find them!  Embrace their knowledge and feed off of their energy.  If you don't believe people give off energy, think of someone who just makes you depressed to be around. That person's aura is depleting to your own health.  STAY AWAY!  Now imagine that person that just makes you smile for the simple fact of just being.  You just might be that person if you pursue your passion and start making your health a priority.

Your mind is ready for the big change, you've surrounded yourself with positive, supportive people.  Now, how do you make this change?  You take it  You will find that whether your goal is to start eating healthier or to start a new workout program, the biggest motivation is results.  Daily results lead to weekly goals being met.  Goals lead to accomplishments.  Before you know it, you not only have developed an incredible confidence, all these other doors will start opening for you.

Don't stay trapped in the cell you call a job or a body that is unhealthy.  You owe it to yourself to live a healthy and happy life.  You will find that when you do make a change and results start to transpire, you might not even recognize the person you were.  You're eyes will start to shine again!  Imagine what that could feel like!

If you're ready to make it happen, please let me know.  I'm thrilled to motivate you to becoming a better reflection of your true self.  We all deserve to live a happy life.  You are in control of making that happen.  I can help guide you.

Stay Strong!  Stay Motivated!!

INSANITY UPDATEI got back on the asphalt this morning and it couldn't have felt better.  The Texas humidity and heat is in full force, but nothing is better than a strong run followed by profuse sweating!  I saved Shaun T for after work.  Sometimes it's a struggle to pop the DVD in, but I finally started to feel stronger in my Plyometric workout today.  Made the struggle worth it.  Perhaps I am getting ready for Month 2. YIKES!


accountclosure said...

Rhonda, you were born to be a coach!! I only wish THE VERY BEST for you and Greg!!!

Rhonda said...

That is definitely the plan. Trying to get my results on first and I have to say, things are looking good! Thanks for being so supportive of me! You're awesome!
Finished Month 1. Next is recovery week then on to Month 2. I'm scurrred!!

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