Thursday, May 6, 2010

Labor Pains

I would equate my first week of Insanity to being in labor.  Really.  It's a great analogy, especially for all you men who will never experience giving birth. I would recommend giving Insanity a shot; the similarities are striking.
  1. Labor starts with little tinges of pain - not enough to make you cringe, but enough to make you feel what is coming. (Warm up)
  2. As labor progresses, the pains get more intense. (first intervals)
  3. A break - during early labor, you might get a good 5-10 minutes of rest.  You feel like a normal woman again, as opposed to the irrational and crazy woman you'll become again in a few minutes.  This is awesome, but also know what is coming, so you begin to brace yourself. (Recovery)
  4. Then, HOLY CRAP....the contractions kick in again, this time much more intense and they last a little longer each time.  At some point, you're not sure you're going to make it through, but you fight, because you know what it will give you. (2-3 intervals)
  5. Ahhhh...a little bit more rest, but by this point, you're so tired from working through the first contractions, that before you know it. starts one last time. (final interval)
  6. The baby is close and you push while your husband shouts with all his might to get your through this and you're so thankful for his support (Shaun T).  When you think you cannot possibly endure another minute of this hell, you give it one final push, leaving nothing and giving everything.  (Last minute)
  7. You hear the cries of a baby and all the pain ends abruptly.  All that work resulted in a beautiful human being and it was worth every single moment of pain. (The finish).

I just hope Beachbody doesn't come out with an Epideral DVD.  We all have to endure a little pain to get to where we want to be.

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accountclosure said...

I guess this is the closest that I'll ever know about what it's like to give birth!! Your blog is AWESOME! I'm so glad that you love it :)

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