Monday, May 31, 2010

A Perfect Day

When it comes to a definition of a perfect day, I would suspect that a broad range of answers might come from a select panel of interviewees.  Some people might say a day on the couch watching movies all day is perfect, others might prefer a day at the beach.  A few might even suggest a day at work.

While Mondays are usually not a day to look forward to, a Holiday Monday is a day to relish.  Perhaps a really perfect day would have been sleeping in a bit, but running outside past 8:00 a.m. is already NOT a possibility in this Texas heat. 

My perfect day began around 6:45 with a run at about 8:00, a little too late, but it always feels good for my feet to hit the asphalt.  I'm in my recovery week so I took a nice pace, but couldn't help but want to sprint home to the AC.  On a normal day, I would split my workouts, but on a perfect day, a nap is always on the agenda to give my body some rest. 

Instead of drying off, I went straight into the Core Cardio & Balance Insanity DVD.  Nope, still not any easier on my third day.  I extinguished the torch on my quads, showered and prepared myself for a hard day of a whole lot of NOTHING!  Nothing but eating good, healthy food, napping and enjoying my family.  A mini celebration of making it through the first month of Insanity!  Congrats to me.

Here are my first month pictures and some numbers.  Not a huge change of difference in numbers, but I feel completely awesome and strong.  I'm not sure how to define awesome as a number!  I'm hoping for more dramatic physical changes in Month 2!  I think the biggest change is in my smile!  Ironic?  Not so much!

As this perfect day comes to a close, I can't help but share this video I made last November from my marathon experience in DC.  Thank you Veterans for giving us this day to spend it enjoying family, fun and some rest. Thank you for what you do so that we can do what we do!

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