Monday, May 10, 2010

Confessions of a Non-Dairy Creamer Addict

Hi, my name is Rhonda, and I'm a recovering non-dairy creamer addict.  That's right.  Let the truth set me free!

I think we all have a bad habit or vice. But my 'vice' was my morning ritual of putting a lot, and when I say a lot, I don't mean a few teaspoons, I'm talking about a 1/2 cup or more into my coffee (my crack).  Dear God, I'm wincing at the confession. 

I hear the fastest way to recovery is to speak the truth.  Well, then let the authenticity run through my veins.  In other words, I was getting high with my daily dose of partially hydrogenated, corn syrup, artificial flavor heaven!  I checked myself into the Shaun T Insanity Asylum and I am now recovering.

I just did the math,  a single serving of my non-dairy creamer is one (1) teaspoon.  If I'm using at least 1/2 cup (oh, plus the packet of hot cocoa mix), my label would look more like the label below.  Many days, well...most, I would have two doses of this powdery white substance, drug of choice.
So when I THOUGHT I was eating so healthy and just had one teensy, little bad habit, I was adding about 500 extra calories of crap to my morning.  Not to mention all the fat grams.  My arteries are cringing.  I did mention I usually had two right? 

Today I'm recovered and I have no been clean for nine days.  Thank you Shaun T for making me accountable for what I eat!  I have to say, it's really not a struggle at all anymore.  This was just a bad habit and this exercise in getting real with myself has been extremely beneficial for me. 

I would encourage you let your truth out.  What bad habits are you hiding?  Is that what it is, just a bad habit?  Are you smoking behind the tree before work, inhaling chocolate bar after chocolate bar from your secret stash drawer, licking the grease from your fried bologna with cheese midnight snack?  If so, skip the confessional and let your truth out.  Your body will thank you for it!


Krist Voiles said...

Well, in good news, there's no saturated fat listed on the label, so the 12g of total fat is likely not as bad as it looks. In bad news, there's 43g of carbs and only 3g of fiber. Sugar doesn't seem to list any grams? Where the heck are all those carbs coming from?? Ungood.

Of course, moderation is the key here. It's okay to have something you enjoy as long as you don't overdo it and measure everthing. If you're okay with cutting it out completely, then that's obviously the way to go. But don't make yourself crazy with it. If you need a bit of creamer to keep you sane while you're doing the rest of your diet 100% clean, then that's what you need to do.

It comes down to what results you want by the end of the program and what you're happy with sacrificing to get those results. :)

Unknown said...

Ok well I am glad you said it because I was just thinking this morning well I eat well what is a little coffee (with all the crap in it), but you are RIGHT! What is one piece of hard candy! Dang it! How did that coffee (full of all the crap) turn into a piece of hard candy. I am not going to do it! I am not!

accountclosure said...

Holy Shmokes!! HAHHA! I love reading your blog posts :) An extra 500 calories a day is pretty significant in the long run. So glad to see you taking this so seriously. Writing down everything reveals so much.

Rhonda said...

Ok - so I photoshopped the label...surprise surprise. I have no idea how much saturated / poly / moly / corn chip /lard solids are in it. But the calories don't lie! I'm fine with giving that up after reading that label. Now my Soy Latte from Starbucks, we'll talk moderation for that one!

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