Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Patience Leads to Progress

I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed today.  I often want to be the end all and be all and when I feel I can't play that role, anxiety gets the best of me.  Thankfully, when I get anxiety about life, work, my future, I can be incredibly productive.  That can be very beneficial in the pursuit of my goals, but also a detriment to my health and well-being.

I've accomplished a lot in terms of personal fitness goals.  I've run three full marathons, seven half-marathons, have been a spin class instructor, completed 120 classes of Bikram yoga in 115 days and even did Taebo with THE Billy Blanks.  When it comes to setting AND achieving my physical goals, I have this bulldog determination.  I'm not a quitter in any sense of the word.  When I doubt myself, I find a way to fight through it and be successful.

I want to be able to say the same that about my personal goals in terms of where I am and where I want to be.  Writing has always been a love of mine.  Those that are close to me know that I don't always express myself terribly great in person, but I can express my most sincere genuine thoughts to you on paper. 

Then all of sudden, I had a really sucky day and before I knew it, my personal drive got a spark.  My two worlds of fitness and writing collided harshly into one another and thus motivationmamadrama was launched.  This has been a dream of mine for the longest time; inspiring others to become healthy while writing about what I enjoy most in life.  Easy enough right?

Hardly! It hasn't taken this motivationmama long to learn the world of blogging is an aggressive and mighty beast.  In a world of writers, I'm a speck of dust.  I'm the crappy leftover pulp of my juice, while other seasoned 'motivationmamas' are savoring every last gulp of the ROGR berry smoothie. When Life Give You Lemons...

It hasn't taken me long to realize that I have a lot to learn and even more to improve upon.  So expect changes here and there.  This is a work in progress.  I guess you can say I'm in blogging training.  I'm inspired by Bry's Blog Embrace Fire.  She is also doing Insanity, writes some really great reviews and has a great overall site.  She has opened up a whole new virtual world of blogging insight and hope to me. 

I've only been in blogging training for a little over a month, so I would hate to do too much too soon and risk any serious injury other than the one or two mini breakdowns I've had from feeling completely overwhelmed already.    Patience leads to progress.  Progress leads to many lives being inspired.

So expect not only physical changes in me as I continue in my Insanity journey, but physical changes in my blog and layout.  One thing that won't change is my daily writings.  I'm here to motivate, inspire, bring change.  That's the easy part!

INSANITY UPDATE:  Almost two weeks down already.  Saturday is another benchmark and time for our second fit test.  I can't wait to see how much Keelan has improved.  I know his numbers are going to be CRAZY!  Have I mentioned how proud of this kid I am? 

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