Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Plateau or Lesson?

I'm officially in the FOURTH week of Insanity, and I have to say, I feel really great.  However, I can't help but feel somewhat disappointed with my results.  I dropped five pounds quickly the first two weeks and since then, I've remained stagnant.

I know what everyone is thinking.  It's not about the scale, it's about the inches.  Yes,  my pants are feeling looser, but that was from the first couple weeks.  Not a whole lot of change since.  I'd like to blame my plateau on my recent hiatus to California.  But I really stuck to my plan there.  I did the work, strayed from really bad things when I could have been a glutton, and stayed within my allotted calorie count the entire stay.  So, no...can't use that as an excuse.

What gives?  Last week was the first week I've haven't run at all in months, perhaps even over a year.  I simply had no time other than Insanity.  Perhaps that is the difference?  Although I love to run, I think the week off is a welcome change for my body.  Not to mention a balance to my busy life.  I hate to think this is the reason, but it may very well be.

I have been giving a full effort to my Insanity workouts and it doesn't ever get easier.  It just sucks every time, some days worse than others.  I constantly have thoughts of Month 2 in the back of my mind and I cannot comprehend it getting longer and harder. 

Perhaps this is just a lesson for on focusing on the positives.  Placing emphasis on the results I have seen, rather than focusing on things that may not happen.  I'm going to use my 120-Day Bikram yoga challenge two years ago as my lesson.  Instead of focusing on the day to day enrichment to my life, I lost site of the true meaning of yoga and only focused on finishing.  I paid little attention to my diet, since I felt I was sweating it all away and forced myself through the movements, without any attention to detail of the movement itself.    My results:  I gained about eight pounds, gained 1/2 size in my knuckles and completely lost all running ability. 

This "plateau" I'm experiencing is another lesson for me.  I think I'm placing too much emphasis on the results everyone around me is having and not enjoying the results I'm seeing in myself.  Instead of being happy with a five pound weight loss, I'm disappointed it's not 10 pounds.  I should be giving myself a pat on the back for each day I complete another round, instead of asking myself, "why are you so tired?"  Rather than dreading month two, I should be savoring every last second of month one.   I should embrace my 4-pack and not worry if this mama will ever have a 6-pack.

Maybe, just maybe, this goes far beyond the physical.  The confidence I feel is quite incredible when others ask me what I'm doing and I so proudly mention InsanityI see their jaws drop because they've seen those infomercials.  I should be proud that I'm a product of hard work and not just another unknown testimonial.  I should be encouraged that I've motivated so many people around me to start doing something.  Anything. 

Stay ENCOURAGED!  Stay Strong!  Stay Motivated!!!



Anonymous said...

I am very nervous about month 2 of insanity. I began April 12, but at the beginning of week 3 I came down with a horrible sinus infection that put me out of commission for 2 weeks. I decided at that point to start insanity again from day 1. My husband is on his 2nd week of month 2 and I have watched him work out. It looks disgusting. I can SOOOO identify with you saying that the workouts never get easier, maybe even harder some days. You are definitely not alone. I am in really good shape to begin with as you are, so this is TRULY the hardest workout I have ever experienced. That being said..... when I am doing the cool down at the end, I am on cloud 9. In that moment, it is all worth it. I think that moment is what keeps me pushing play.

Rhonda said...

You don't know how much that means to me to know someone is sharing my same thoughts and experiences! I count the seconds down to the cool down! Now I'm really scared for Month 2! Yikes! I'm ready!

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