Friday, May 14, 2010

My comfort zone

I understand when people have hesitation before they decide to make a change in their lives.  Change is scary.  Stepping out your comfort zone into unknown territory can be extremely intimidating.  But if living the status quo life is just easier, why are so many people so depressed in doing so?

You might ask yourself.  What if I fail?  What if I disappoint my spouse?  What if I do get the results I had hoped for? 

But how about asking yourself this instead.  What is I am successful?  What if my relationships improve?  What if I get what I want because I took a chance?

The cyber world of blogging is extremely intimidating for me.  I would consider myself to be fairly computer savvy, but this goes beyond knowing the toggle keys for cut and paste.  I'm watched enough tutorials to get my courage up and read enough commentary to feel confident to know the internet is my not just my Facebook friend.  Oh, if only my keyboard could reach out and hold my hand through this process! 

I took another step tonight in the pursuit of motivationmamadrama's dream blog.   I'm not even really sure what I'm doing at this point, but it's amazing how many people are out there wanting to help me make it successful!  Step by step.  It takes patience and persistence.  Isn't there something often said about persistence paying off?

So I'm stepping out of my comfort zone.  Status quo no longer.  I envision success and I'm willing to make sacrifices in order for that to happen.

Are you ready to step beyond the comforts of your daily rituals and try something new?  If you're complaining about something, odds are, you're ready.  Time to face your fears head on and make today the day you begin a new chapter in your life.  WHAT IF you improved your quality of life?  WHAT IF you became successful doing what you love?

INSANITY UPDATE:  Hard to believe but tomorrow is already our two-week mark.  I'm excited about posting some really great numbers.  I feel my body changing daily and my energy level has been at extremely productive level.  Fit Test Number 2 tomorrow.  I love power jumps....I love Power Jumps....I LOVE POWER JUMPS!  I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE POWER JUMPS!  (Power of the subconscious mind)

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