Sunday, May 2, 2010

Speaking with Actions

Today I was given a lesson in dependability.  I would consider myself very dependable and a woman of my words.  If I tell you I'm going to meet you at certain time, I will be there, usually early.  If I plan to meet my friend at 5:00 a.m. for a run, I wouldn't consider flaking out and I know she wouldn't either.  When someone depends on me, that means they have expectations and therefore, for me not to follow through would be a poor reflection on my character.

This whole process of doing Insanity with my son Keelan was completely his idea.  He wanted and asked to join me.  If it were my idea, I would understand the typical teenage eye rolls followed by a series of incoherent mumbles.  But it is not the case at all.  He truly wants to do this, even after the look I saw on his face yesterday after our first fit test. 

I told him I'm starting Inanity this morning at 9:00 whether he was here or not.  He told me he'd be here and I fell deeply into my insecurities as a young woman, when I'd wait by the phone for hours for that 'special someone' to call me back.  When he left last night to hang out with friends, I became the dependent of his word. I waited until 8:59 this morning, still no Keelan.  I knew spending the night at a friend's house was bad idea, but I want him to learn about choices and responsibilities to ourselves and others.

I finished, ate, showered, cleaned, ate again and left for meeting this afternoon.  No call, no text, nothing.  I wouldn't say I was surprised, but disappointed.  A big talk we have often is speaking with actions, not words.  When I got home, he was here and had done the workout on his own.  For that I am happy, but not for the lack of accountability and respect.

After a talk, we're on the same page and I have no doubt he will be successful, not only in this program but in his life.   I want everyone to be successful and have to realize that not everyone has an equal passion for fitness the way I do. But whatever we do in life, to live is to be the dependent for our health, our children, our careers, etc., by taking action and being responsible for the people and things we value.

INSANITY UPDATE:  I guess you already know about today.  The actual workout was a whip!  I'm sweating almost as much as Bikram yoga and this room in not anywhere near 105 degrees. I love intervals. Pushing your body to its limits in a short time frame and then recovering.  My muscles are "hating" me for yesterday.  Sorry guys.  Had to wake you up!

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accountclosure said...

Rhonda, you are an AWESOME MOM!!!!!! Your son is SO LUCKY!!! These lessons are what make or break a man later in life. How you dearly love him. This is such a great post.

I'm so PSYCHED that we connected!! Glad you're still kicking it with Insanity!!! LOVE IT!!

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