Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Super Heroes

My son Jackson has an obsession with Star Wars.  It's no surprise he's my husband's child, but I often question if he really came from my womb.  All my boys love Sci-Fi.  They pretty much live and breathe it.  Again, not sure how I fit into this little equation they call my family.  Our house is filled with light sabers, storm trooper legos and a host of super hero action figures. 

Not long ago, I discovered an eerie quietness in our house.  As I approached Jackson's room, I found him drawing these four action figures and things suddenly started to make sense and I started to see how fit into the puzzle of our life. 

I realized that not only does my son think of me as an extremely...er..beautiful Wonder Woman.  He thinks I have special powers!  I'm his hero!  I have to admit, he's right. 
Each day I get out of bed and I put on my red boots and I put my special powers to work, trying to save one life after another.  I fight battles daily.  It can be grueling and discouraging, often disheartening.  But then, I realize I inspired someone today or helped someone else set a goal and that fuels my drive to enlighten and encourage more people through my special power of motivation.

In order to use the power on others, I absolutely have to lead by example.  Insanity is not easy, but what source of impact would have on others if I breezed though it.  And think of how many lives I can touch with hands that HUGE! ;)

Stay motivated!  Stay strong!

INSANITY UPDATE:  Attached is the last two intervals of my plyometric cardio circuit workout.  My form starts to break down and I start slow significantly, but I never quit!  Keelan is keeping up with his Insanity and staying strong.  Our schedules don't always allow up to workout together, but he's doing his thing and I'm REALLY proud.

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