Friday, May 21, 2010

A Shock To My Body

Today is my last day in Anaheim and by the way the body feels, I would have thought I ran an ultra-marathon up the coast yesterday.  I woke up with pains in my my shins and overall fatigue.  I'm somewhat puzzled by the soreness I'm experiencing.  Perplexed by the cause.

Other than the Insanity Recovery workout yesterday, I planned the week to have the brunt of the workout at the beginning, so I'd be able to focus on work this week.  SO WHY IS MY BODY SO SORE? 

The time change?  Eating a little bit different, albeit not a big change?  The California Sun?  Belting out the lyrics to Natasha Bedingfield's Unwritten while driving along the coast in Laguna Beach? (yes, we really did this.)

No....not any of this is causing this pain!

Backtrack some more...well, we did stand a lot at the trade show.  In fact, we pretty much stood in one place for 8 hour yesterday.  Seriously?  I AM SORE FROM STANDING?  I'm somewhat ashamed to admit this, but at the same time completely amazed.

Just when you think you're in shape and you think you can handle anything, you realize how incredible the body is.  The simplest change can cause a shock to the body.  I say any kind of soreness or change in your body is INFORMATION.  Information that is EMPOWERING!

If I can run marathons, do Insanity and feel that I'm in relatively good shape and then get sore from standing, think of what the simplest change can do for you.  Imagine just walking when you've lived a sedentary lifestyle.  Imagine just adding 20 minutes of light cardio to your day.  Imagine how your body would adapt to this and think of the possibilities of change.

INSANITY UPDATE:  Tomorrow is the start of Week 4 already!  It has gone by really quickly but as Month 2 approaches, I'm getting really nervous, but also ready to shock my body a little bit more and step it up.  Perhaps I'll add more standing to my workout next month! ;)

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