Friday, May 7, 2010

Lessons Learned

After having completed my first week of Insanity, I've learned a few things about myself, others and food. 
  1. I'm much stronger than I thought I was in certain areas - legs and abs.
  2. I'm pathetic at jumping - LeBrhonda James, I am not.
  3. I'm a sweater, not a mister.
  4. I love Oatmeal...I REALLY REALLY love oatmeal.
  5. I will NEVER run in the evenings....EVER.
  6. A food journal is the main key to success of this program.
  7. I want to be on a Beachbody video!
  8. I really don't need all the crap in my coffee.  A small cup black will do just fine.
  9. I love to be pushed to my limits.
  10. No matter how much I tell myself, I simply cannot go to bed earlier.
  11. Six-year olds are not the best videographers, but are the best motivators.
  12. A whole-grain English muffin with chipotle hummus and hard boiled egg is simply...HEA-VEN.
  13. I ate a lot of dark chocolate before this started.
  14. My Bikram yoga has paid off - I'm very flexible.
  15. I CANNOT wait for week two!
Are you motivated yet?  Let me know.  Insanity is not for everyone, but everyone has something they can do.  Is this your week to get started?

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