Friday, May 28, 2010

My First Month - DONE!

Month 1 of Insanity is complete and I've had my ups and downs, but as I mentally prepare my body for Month 2 , I wanted to give an assessment of my first four weeks of this craziness.
  1. This is a program that will expose your weaknesses. I am used to doing things in the areas I feel most strong...running, lifting light weights, etc. I shy away from things I hate...push ups, planks, jumping. There's no escaping these in Insanity and now I look forward to the challenge.
  2. I've become so in tune to the foods I'm putting in my body. If I'm not aware, Shaun T will alert me with no warning. 
  3. I have a completely new respect for football and track people. Some of the drills are crazy. I know I look like a fool doing the football stance drills, but occassionally I feel the little Emmitt inside of me!
  4. Shaun T feels a lot of things are 'very impor-ant'. 
  5. No matter how tired I am, I can always go one more minute before passing out. 
  6. I'm starting to get definition in my legs and this has ALWAYS been my weak area. I've never enjoyed showing my legs, but then again, I've never done this kind of workout. 
  7. Anticipation of Month 2 is scaring me to death. 
  8. Yes, this is very cardio intensive, but the power and strength moves are getting me leaner than I've ever been.  A treadmill could never produce these kinds of results.
  9. My son Keelan is doing so well and hasn't missed a workout. Granted, he learned very quickly he's not a morning person, but has made it work at times that work with his schedule!  Smart kid! 
  10. I no longer mistake cardio recovery for an easy day. Lighting a torch to my quads is not my definition of  'easy'.
 If you're considering doing Insanity, my biggest point is that it all comes down to mental determination. This is a workout that is easy to give up on quickly. However, it's also a workout that is doable with a strong mind. Pushing yourself beyond what you think is possible is what it's all about.
What more can I give and what kind of results do I desire? I think back to a month ago when I was so scared about starting (Anticipation of Insanity) and I made it through the first month, so I think my question is answered.

Stay strong! Stay motivated! Can't wait to update you on Month 2!  Photos coming soon!

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