Monday, November 7, 2011

Do You Want To Be A Better Runner?

Sometimes I take for granted my ability to run.  I just assume that everyone will enjoy it and have the freedom to do what I do.  Running is a gift and I am incredibly humbled and aware that it's not something I should take lightly. 

When I started running, it was a huge accomplishment to run for 30 continuous minutes.  It was a gradual process of adding minutes daily and having the mental wherewithal to realize my ability was far greater than I had given myself credit.

Today, I can happily pronounce that I've logged many, many miles over the past 10 years, but what I'm most proud about is that my journey never ends with a race.  I'm always planning the next, before I finish the last.  I envision my future races to be better, faster and more memorable.

Crossing the finish line is an awesome accomplishment and it's often THE goal when I talk to other runners.  "I just want to finish." It doesn't matter if it's pretty or fast.  What matters is what happens in the end.  Two arms raised at the finish line.

But what about those of us that have that burning drive to be better?  Those of us who don't just want to finish but rather want to finish strong and fast and dare I say....competitively.  I would have never considered myself a fast runner.  Average at best.  But something inside of me kept whispering that I was better.  I was fast.  I was a Boston Qualifier. 

Are you that person?  Do you long to qualify for Boston, but you just haven't been able to get faster?  Do you just want to be in the higher and faster echelon of runners?  Do you secretly want to not just finish a race, but actually race it.  I'm not talking elite here.  I'm talking top 20 - 25 percent.

My life and running career changed when I was introduced to high intensity cross-training and optimal nutrition.  I went from average to speedy (for me) in a matter of months.  I dropped unnecessary weight, leaned out my body fat ratio and accomplished some pretty cool race feats, including qualifying for Boston, which I never thought possible.

That's me over the course of 60 and 120 days.  I've been a runner and I will continue to be a runner.  It just took stepping up my game and focusing on nutrition that I became a better runner. 

I'm looking for five people who have that same desire as I did to join a 60-day Insanity / Shakeology challenge with me.  If you believe it, you can achieve it.  Let me help you go get it.  You'll get my daily support, motivation and advice!

Who is ready to be better, stronger, faster?  I can show you how.

The day I accomplished what I had only dreamed about in the past.  Getting ready to cross the finish line in qualifying fashion.  I believed in me and I worked really hard.  I believe in you and you CAN do this too.  Ask me how!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

How Broccoli Slaw Changed My Life!

If you were to ask me two years ago if I'd be working from home, doing what I love and feeling complete happiness today, I would have probably rolled my eyes and made some kind of cynical remark.  I didn't dream big and I didn't know how to create my future.

Then unexpectedly, the most unimaginable thing stepped in and changed my life.  It made me smile more, laugh more, live life more to its fullest.  Thanks broccoli slaw for changing my life.

How can a little sliver of green goodness cause such a stir you ask?  It forced me to do the things I always wanted to do.  You see, I am a huge teeth person.  If I meet you, I notice your teeth.  That's just how I am.  I love a pearly white set of teeth. I love to see a beaming smile.  It's really not about your teeth at all, it's about what I wanted for myself.

When I looked in the mirror, I didn't like what I saw.  I wanted to have a beaming white 'grill'.  There were ways to get it, but I could never invest in myself in that way.  I couldn't justify it.  Then, one night, broccoli slaw intervened.  A single bite and I heard something pop.  Reluctant and hesitant, I made my way to the mirror to experience the horror I had felt.  I chipped my front tooth and I had a wide gap in the middle of my front teeth!

I had no choice other than to get it fixed.  A visit to the dentist over the course of the next two months and I had a beautiful set of pearly whites that I had always dreamed to have.  Instead of compromising my smile the way I had learned to in the past several years, I took advantage of every situation to grin and beam.

I became more confident and I wanted to smile all the time.  I invested in myself more so I could smile more.  I looked for opportunities to smile for the camera, rather than just show a toothless grin. 

I began to take chances, pursue my passion, serve others, make a difference.  I took every opportunity to get out of my comfort zone and smile while I did just that.

When life intervenes, you can either view it as a setback or as a temporary hiatus to greater things.  There is a ALWAYS a message to learn in life every life situation.  The beauty is looking back at your journey and being able to pay that message forward.

My message?  No, it's not 'eat more broccoli'.  Although I think that's important too.  Don't put off things that you have always wanted to do.  Don't wait for someday.  Someday does not exist.  Do today what is going to make tomorrow great.  Smile more.  Live more.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

I Did It!

Time to check off another mark on my bucket list.  Chicago Marathon  - Check!

The greatest thing about running a marathon is that no matter how well trained you think you may be, you just never what will happen on race day.  Anything and everything can happen.  So when you have a good day, you just have sit back and give thanks to the marathon gods, the support of family and friends and for the ability to put one foot in front of the other.  It truly is a gift!

Running a marathon in a different city always has its challenges. But, at the same time, it's exciting to travel to places, explore new cities and run in places I'd never get the opportunity to otherwise. 

Thanks to my wonderful friend Jill and her awesome pre-planning, we stayed at hotel so close the start line, we could actually see the port-a-potties from our room.  (A HUGE bonus for a runner!)

After a long day of Planes, Trains and Automobiles...and Shuttle Buses, I called it a VERY early night.  Unlike any other marathon I've ever run, I slept like a baby the night before the race!

Up and at 'em by 4:00 a.m.!  I was excited! I could feel the energy in the air and once my race gear was on, I knew the day was going to be great!!

Jill and I working out our pre-race jitters in the hotel lobby!  A highly coordinated race outfit is essential!!

Ready!  Set!  Race!!  At 15 feet into the race, I realized I had committed the ultimate race mistake.  I messed up my Garmin and accidentally removed PACE.  I contemplated trying to reset it while I ran, but I knew it would cause me to lose valuable time and mental energy.  I decided to let it go and just run.  This probably was the best mistake I made all day.  I didn't focus on my watch.  I just ran how I felt.  The air was warm, but I was feeling good, so I decided to just go for it.

 I don't remember much about the course at all. I remember seeing Elvis, China town, some random poop, a lot of fans, some really funny and motivational signs and a lot of different shoe styles. I focused on the race. I'd save the sightseeing for the next day.

My goal was 3:40.  With the heat, I made the decision to get water AND Gatorade at each stop, which slowed my pace slightly the second half.  Overall, I lost five minutes, but keeping well hydrated was more important to me.  Finish time - 3:45!  I'll take it!

This is what a rockstar feels like! All the spectators barricaded behind a fence!

I took a LONG time to get from the finish line to the post-race party.  I iced, napped, changed, had a less than awesome massage and read all my text messages of congratulations.  Having beer after a race has never been appealing to me.  I just enjoyed the energy of the masses at Millennium Park.

I met these fantastic friends on the plane from Dallas!  We got together that night for dinner and to share our warrior stories and bottle of wine!

What is a marathon without a little swag?  I was knocking at the doors of Niketown on Michigan Ave. at 8:00 a.m.!

And of course, a visit to the Bean!

Chicago did not disappoint! I love the city for its clean streets, unique restaurants, beautiful architecture and it's extremely organized marathon! From the moment I arrived, I knew the weekend would be special!

Marathon number five is in the books!  Next - Boston!

Friday, September 16, 2011

How Insanity Made Me a Better Runner!

One of the questions I'm most often asked is, "How do you incorporate your Beachbody programs into your running schedule?"

My answer is based on your fitness goals.  Are you training for a marathon or are you more interested in shorter training runs?  Are you running to become fit or are you trying to become a more fit runner? 

When I'm training for a marathon, my focus is running four to five days a week with one or days focused solely on cross-training.  When my goal is geared more toward fitness, I flip this schedule.  I have six days of cross-training fitness with one or two days a week devoted to shorter runs to maintain my base of running.

In simplest terms, a weekly schedule would look like this.

This schedule works for me.  It allows me to focus on my main objective (i.e. a marathon) without completely losing the fitness I've developed from Insanity, The Asylum or any other Beachbody program.

I believe that it is so important to always incorporate some level of cross-training into your weekly schedule for injury prevention, to develop strength and a strong core and to keep your routine fresh.

Since I have really made this a part of my overall fitness, whether the majority of my time is spent running or cross-training, I have become a much more efficient athlete.  In May of 2010, I ran a lot and spent time in a gym, but I wasn't efficiently working the way my body needed to be.

By incorporating Beachbody programs into my routine, I've learned how to work more efficiently and eat more effectively.  The programs allowed me to lose 4 percent body fat and by becoming leaner, I've become a better runner.  Last year, I took 16 minutes off of my previous marathon time and qualified for the Boston Marathon.

If I can do this. Anyone can! Trust me!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Letting Go...

When he was five, I remember taking off the training wheels and holding the seat because I did not want him to fall. Today I dropped him off at college, took off the training wheels on the bike of life. I got up enough courage to let go. It was a happy/sad day.

I borrowed that from my husband. I thought it was so indicative of how I was feeling.  Yesterday our son officially left for college.  I wasn't sure how this would affect me.  What emotions would I have?  How will our house adjust without his intermittent presence?

One thing that drew me to my husband when we met nearly 13 years ago was the fact that he was a single dad.  I had never met and certainly never dated a single dad before, but to see the relationship between father and his 5-year old son was a sign of not just a good man, but one of very high character. 

Entering into that relationship may have caused some disruption into their 'man' code way of life, but they invitingly welcomed me into their lives and I quickly became a 'mother' following the parental lead of my future husband, gaining guidance and wisdom along the way.

We say it so often, but life truly does pass by so quickly and though there were so many cherishable moments in the past 13 years in raising my son as my own, I can't help but wish I could have done more, been more, given more. 

I felt a bit numb up until yesterday's farewell day.  My emotions tend to well inside until a very significant moment opens the spigot to my heart.  It wasn't me that led the good-byes.  It was my son.  Using this opportunity as some sort of grandiose teachable moment, all I could do was to tell him how much I loved him and how proud of him I was for always accepting me into his life.

I told him to set his priorities and goals and make good choices, but above all, find what makes him happy.

And then he did what I never expected.  He thanked me for being the only mother he's ever had and told me how proud he was of me for following my heart and pursuing what makes me happy.  Just when you think you haven't done quite enough, your kids make it very clear that love and guidance is all they ever really need.

I'm so proud of him.  I can't wait for his dirty laundry and his infrequent visits.  I look forward to the next chapter in our lives as our bond continues to grow into his adult years.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

What is Beachbody Coaching?

Obesity is on the rise and it's time we take control of the issue that is taking control of so many of us.  Join my brother and I tonight as we present "What is Beachbody Coaching?" and learn how we need your help to help us End the Trend.

Hear about our success stories and how you can start building your own.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

7:30 PM - 8:15 PM (Central Time)
Get registered here!

What is Beachbody Coaching?

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Do Something Different!

You're only going to get something different by doing something different!  For a lot of people, those are very uncomfortable words to swallow.  I admit, they can be for me as well.

For so long I struggled with doing what I should do rather than doing what my heart said was right.  As I take the reigns on a very different avenue in my life, the whole self-awareness paradigm has been eating my inside.  It is so easy to be safe.  To live day in and day out.  To have a stable job, to make a steady income, to do the things in life that are supposed to make me happy.  Safety provides comfort, but purpose burns greater because of passion.

I believe it takes courage to take a leap of faith and to set aside other's judgements as their own insecurities.  As I slowly creep out of this box, I realize that it really isn't all too scary out here.  It's actually pretty enjoyable. 

If you're unhappy with your present situation, ask yourself, is what you're doing now going to get you to where you want to be.  You can make all the plans in the world, but unless you're willing to take action, chances are not a lot is going to change.  One thing that is certain, if you're waiting for others around you to change, it's going to a LONG wait.

I understood that my passion is fitness.  My heart races at the thought of helping someone learn the tools to become a healthier person.  In my previous career, I found the I had to be falsely authentic and could never live up to other's expectations because I wasn't fulfilling my own.  Today, my passion is natural and organic.  I'm genuinely dedicated.  I have waited so long to say these words..."I love my job!"

If you're feeling stuck or not living your life to your true potential, stop to think today of the things that make you happy and then begin my making a plan to make it happen!   Stop making excuses and placing the blame on others and get real with yourself.  You'll be happy you did!

Monday, July 25, 2011

A Transition

Remember the 'jerk' I talked about quite some time ago?  How he just wasn't fitting well into my life?  I let him go...finally.  It's time to start my new life.

I made a promise to myself a little over a year ago that is was time to let the jerk go.   It was time to follow my passion and most of all, it was time to let go of what I thought was best for me versus what I know is right for me.

On Friday, I left my safe job and an industry I'd worked in for over ten years to really start focusing on what makes me happy. I humbled myself enough to realize that I am not a career woman trying to make my way up the corporate ladder.  Never was, never want to be.  I am a woman who wants to make a difference in people's lives. I'm family and fitness first. 

Thanks to some honest advice from a friend and encouragement from my husband, I decided to pursue a job that makes me happy.  I am a runner and a mother.  I am passionate about running and fitness is what make my heart spin.  Being with my family makes me happy.   By setting some very definitive goals and following my heart, I found a place that that is a perfect match that aligns with my priorities.

So I'll be swapping my dress pants and fancy shoes for sweats and running shoes to work for the store that got me started with running and allowed me to be a coach to other runners for the past year.  How cool and how exciting! 

More time at home during the week gives me the ability to take my son to school and to have special lunches with him from time to time.  Focused quiet time at home allows me to work harder than ever with my independent Beachbody business.

Our lives have a purpose.  All of us.  There is a reason for each of us to be on this Earth.  It took a conscious introspective look at what life wants from me rather than what I want from life.  I believe I have a gift to give and how dare I not follow through on that!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Are You Uncomfortable?

When is the last time you got uncomfortable?  I don't mean sleeping on a hard sofa uncomfortable.  I mean stepping out of your safety comfort zone uncomfortable.

When is the last time you challenged yourself?  Went beyond your limits?  Took a risk?

For the majority of us, I would imagine that answer to range from "quite a while to almost never". 

Getting uncomfortable, whether it be physical or mental is a scary thing.  It's difficult to challenge ourselves when living every day in the status quo provides comfort and safety.  But what happens when we wake up one day and realize the status quo just isn't working for us anymore.  What if we realize our life is worthy of so much more?

If you're experiencing these feelings, then it's time to get uncomfortable!

We all have our definitions of what this means.  Signing up to run a 5K might be a walk in the park for some and for others, it may require a complete lifestyle change to make it happen. 

Perhaps you have dreams to start your own business or to make a career change.  What is stopping you?  What steps do you have to take to make it happen?  What level of comfort would you be willing to give up to follow your heart?

Are you tired of being tired?  Are you discouraged by not having the motivation to get back into shape?  The time is now to stop hoping, wishing, and wanting.  It's time to commit to making it happen and to get uncomfortable.  Excuses are choices and the only thing that is truly stopping you is you.

Change is uncomfortable.  But until we are willing to go to a place that makes us nervous, out of breath, gives us a little anxiety, then change cannot take place.

Change is a process and it starts with discomfort.  Losing weight, a career change or accomplishing a goal never happens in an instant.  The journey to a successful change takes time, patience and the belief in yourself that you can make it happen.

What do you want to change? Are you willing to get uncomfortable?

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Why I LOVE Shakeology!

The top five reasons why I LOVE Shakeology.  It's not JUST a meal replacement.  I REALLY love this shake. From the beauty of the ingredients to the high standards and integrity of the product and of course, how delicious it is!

I've discovered ingredients I never knew existed and learned that a just because a label says 'whey protein', it does not necessarily mean it's a quality whey protein.  In fact most whey protein powders sold are very low grade.  Do I dare say it? The same grade used in livestock feed. GASP!  Rest assured the whey protein in Shakeology is the highest grade possible! 

Shakeology is not just a meal replacement. It has changed my life thanks to the Super Foods that make up this all-natural, amazing, powerful and nutritious shake.  It's like a little slice of heaven each day.

Here's my top 5 ingredients!
1.  Sacha Inchi - rich in amino acids and essential fatty acids
2.  Maca - pure energy source
3.  Cocoa - a natural feel good and one of the most mineral packed foods on Earth
4.  Camu-Camu - the highest proven concentration of vitamin C
5.  Wheat Grass - improves the immune system and a natural detoxifier

Can you tell how much I love it?

But don't just take my word for it, learn more about the Shakeology experience here!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

What it Takes to Qualify for Boston

I'm excited to share that I will be the special guest speaker on the LTKFITNESS weekly conference call this Sunday night. I will be sharing my story of how I hit my HUGE goal of qualifying for Boston, just when I thought that would NEVER happen.

Lois Tiedemann Koffi will also share, for the first time, her whole journey into cross training and how that transformed her running/triathlon career. For more information for this life changing call that takes place this Sunday, June 26th at 5 pm PDT/8 pm EDT. Details and call in info here!

Feel free to share with anyone you think might benefit, for example:

anyone wanting to lose weight

anyone wanting to qualify for Boston that hasn't yet or maybe wants to again (time requirements have gone down to qualify!)

be injury free

lose body fat

improve muscle mass

get faster

get into running the "right" way

be a long term runner

anyone who likes to learn
I would love to have you!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Half Time!

In the book, Half Time, author Bob Buford  explains  a certain shift that occurs in one's life around the age of 35 to 45.  Some might call this shift a mid-life crisis, but Buford explains it as a shift from simply doing to serving.  We become aware of our purpose and strive to live the second half with significance.

I was obviously very intrigued by this book as soon as I heard about it because I have been feeling those strong callings of significance during the past year of my life.  It's Half Time for me and I'm not concerned with making a dash for the restroom or watching some cheesy entertainment.  I'm at the point where I'm realizing the significance of what I do and who I serve in the second half, far outweighs having a perfect career or living a lifestyle that I grew up learning I should live.

What matters to me at the end of the day now is not how much money I make or how big the house is in which I live.  To me, if I have touched someone's life in a way they had never been recognized or if I believed in someone who might not have believed in themselves, if I inspired someone to be better or motivated someone to be great, then I know the second half is where I want to be.

I don't want a tax write-off, I want to support a charity because I believe in it.  I don't want to sit at a desk all day to collect a pay check and feel guilty or grumpy.  I want to work my tail off during the day and come home feeling fulfilled. I want to receive because I want to give and not give so that I can receive.  I want my epitaph to read, I cared rather than I wish I would have cared.

At age 36, I'm entering the half way point in my life, but I'm learning that the second half for me is filled with purpose rather intent.  I'm ready to tie up my laces and get in the game and enter the second half with conviction, assuredness and a zest for making a difference.

What will YOU do at Half Time?

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I'm Committed

Over the past month, I embarked on this crazy journey into The Asylum.  I committed myself physically, mentally and emotionally.  I pushed my body to limits I never thought I could reach.  I willed myself to finish when the end seemed unreachable.  I stepped outside of a physical comfort zone and stripped many layers of emotional stress I'd been dealing with for months.  For 30 days, I was IN IT!  This is how I did it.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Twenty days into Insanity: The Asylum and I'm discovering new things about myself and am seeing results in a way that I least expected. 

I expected this workout to be difficult.  I didn't expect to have an out of body experience.

I expected to wince when I watched my self on film.  I didn't expect to feel pleasantly surprised.

I expected to lost ten pounds.  I didn't expect to gain two.

I expected to feel hungry following the 30-day Nutrition Plan.  I didn't expect to feel like I'm eating too much.

I expected to be able to do at least five pull-ups when I started.  I didn't expect to not be able to do any.

I expected be able to do all the moves in the workouts.  I didn't expect to have to learn to jump rope.

I expected it to be difficult to go 30 days without a glass of wine.  I didn't expect to be too tired to want one.

I expected to miss my morning Shakeology.  I didn't expect to love the energy burst from having it at night.

I expected to meet and workout with Shaun T after I complete it.  I STILL expect to!

Whether or not The Asylum is for you, I know we all could use some help cleaning up our diet.  I've started a 30-day Clean Eating Challenge on my private group page on Facebook.  Here we share recipes, provide support and accountability and most of all, our successes.  Thanks to Jill from Life As I See It for her awesome dedication to this challenge!  Without the right fuel, fitness is nothing.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Perfection is a Myth

I had this notion of getting super fit before I began this crazy journey with The Asylum.  I wanted to 'Get Shredded."  I set a crazy goal weight in mind and knew that if I followed the thirty days, I would achieve it.

So I started to document the process through photos and videos.  Just me.  Looking very raw.  It's been an enlightening discovery.  A year ago I wouldn't haved dared put myself on camera and exposed my body, my face, my flaws to the world.  But today, I don't care. 

For the first time...ever I can look at myself and NOT cringe.  I had a moment this past week that made me realize that any imperfection is a part of who I am.  The creases on my forehead - the worry, the anxiety, the stress I often succumb to.  The extra little pooch on my stomach - the womb I carried my beloved child.  The loose skin below my butt - the child girl that will always be a part of me.

It's not about the number on the scale, but it's about the journey and the process of being more than I think I can be and doing more than I think my body can handle.  It's not about how many pull ups I can do...or not do, it's about challenging myself to be better.  I'm not just physically changing my body, I'm discovering the core of who I am, what I want for myself, what matters to me and most importantly what really doesn't matter at all.

I've exposed my weaknesses.  I can't do everything.  I'm not particularly coordinated. I'm human.  But every day, I do my best.  I put forth effort.  I work hard and never succumb to excuses.  I'm not perfect and it's okay.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Commit Me to the Asylum!

“He who is not everyday conquering some fear has not learned the secret of life.” Ralph Waldo Emerson
Finally!  I've been talking about this for weeks!  It's finally here!  My next big workout!  Insanity: The Asylum will arrive at my doorstep any day. 

It's hard to believe, but it's been almost one year since I began my journey with Insanity.  I find it simply incredible that one little home dvd program would have had this type of profound impact on my life!  It began with a physical transformation that has developed into a most empowering psychological shift for me in all my adult years.

Amazing.  An at-home exercise dvd!  I can't say Buns of Steel did much more for me than acquire an incredibly colorful selection of spandex for my workout clothing selection.  But Insanity?  It changed my body.  It changed my confidence.  It changed my outlook on life.  It changed me and it's changing my future.

Take a look?  Crazy?  Insane?  Intense?  All of it! 

It's so much more than that physical transformation.  A year ago I was thinking how will I ever be able to get through Insanity?  What if I can't do it?  What if it's too intense?

Today as I anticipate starting this next phase, I'm thinking, who will I become?  How I can empower others?  How will I reward myself when I finish?  How I can dig a little deeper?

It's about getting over your fears and just being in it!  What more can you give?  Imagine what you'll discover about yourself when you just let go!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Meal Planner

One of the questions I get asked the most often is, what should I be eating during the day?  My response is always five mini meals!  I don't believe in 'snacking'.  I believe in eating quality foods every few hours that should always include a combination of carbs, proteins, and good fats.

Other than some variation at lunch (meal #3) and dinner (meal #5), I am very regimented in what I eat throughout my day.   Your day might need more variety, but the more often you eat, the less likely you'll be to binge.  If you plan ahead, you can avoid those dangerous drive-thru outings and not-so-great choices.

My typical day looks like this:

Pre-workout : One Kashi 7-Grain frozen waffle - 70 calories

 Meal #1:  The Healthiest Meal of the Day - Shakeology

Meal #2: Whole Grain Oats with one scoop vanilla protein powder and almonds

Meal #3: A typical salad - greens, tofu, veggies, quinoa, etc.

Meal #4: Whole grain English muffin with 2 tablespoons natural peanut butter and a dash of cinnamon

Meal #5:   Dinner often includes grilled chicken and veggies over brown rice or greens.

Eating this way for the past year has allowed me to LOSE 12 pounds and maintain the weight loss.  I workout very hard doing my Insanity workouts and I also run, but I still usually have an average daily intake of about 1800 calories.  This is not deprivation.  This is yummy!  This is healthy! 

Need help planning your day or just want to know where to get started?  I can help and I'd love to hear from you!  Email me.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Be Consistent

In order to get better, we must practice.  Practice forms habits and habits allow us to be consistent. 

You've made up your mind that you're ready to get healthy!  You've got a plan and now you must follow through with that plan.  There is nothing about what you do that needs to be elaborate, unachievable or difficult to overcome.  In order for your plan to work, all you need to do is to show up. 

If you want to run a half marathon, you must train for several weeks.  Day after day, you run.  You might follow a specific training schedule or simply just run on certain days.  You must align your goals with the work that you are willing to do.  Any unbalance and you may waiver.  Killing yourself with one run during week rather than having specific training days will not get you to your goal.  Consistency will.

If you want to be a better writer, you write daily.  If you want to have a better marriage, you express your love often.  If you want your children to form good habits, you show them even better habits....consistently. 

When you write out a plan, your odds for success increase dramatically.  You visually see what needs to be done and you can have the satisfaction of physically checking off what you have accomplished each day.  You'll develop a pattern.  A consistent pattern. 

Day after day, week after you week, you show up.  You do the work, you drop the old bad habits and develop new, healthier habits.  You begin to see a change.  Your results are motivating and you've changed who you are.

Consistency.  Be consistent.  Results are inevitable when you show up.

Yesterday I ran a 10K.  I placed first in my age group division.  I never would have dreamed five years ago I could accomplish that.  There is nothing special about me.  I don't have any advantage over any women in my age group.  I have just been consistent.  I never waiver.  My health is my priority.  Make it yours!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

In Retrospect

There is nothing more powerful for me than accomplishing a goal.  Something about putting my desires to paper spurs this charge to action for me.  It's about shifting the power of my subconscious thoughts into my conscious mind.

With this tool, I was able to run the race of my life in December, I'm moving towards my goal of celebrating my 10-year anniversary in Hawaii and best of all, I'm getting closer each day to fulfilling my ultimate goal of staying home full-time to be that mom I've always be to be for my son.

My brother is a huge source of motivation and support for me.  We live thousands miles apart, but we talk daily and bounce ideas off of one another mostly through emails throughout the day.  His incredible fitness transformation was the catalyst for getting me started on my own fitness journey this past year.

I love digging up old emails to get a retrospective snapshot of my life.  I want to know that I'm always making strides and progress in the right direction.  I didn't realize my brother had been saving a lot of my thoughts to share with me.

Today he dug up this email I wrote the day I started my blog.  I remember him asking me to write down my goals.  This was not even one year ago, yet this concept seemed so foreign to me.  But I trusted him and I did it.  He convinced me start doing Insanity to begin working towards my new life.  I knew going through the physical process would lead me to the path that I am ultimately meant to travel.

How validating to read this less than one year later and realize that I'm truly fulfilling my life's purpose.  Write those goals down and make a plan to make it happen.  It works!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Over The Hill

I have this hill where I live. It’s my hill. I hate it and I love it. It’s steep and long. The Mt. ‘Kilimanbedford’ if you will. When it’s time for hill repeats or circuits, there is no other option. It stands high above the MidCities with a Wells Fargo ATM and Texas Roadhouse in its immediate horizon.

My neighborhood is full of rolling hills, but she is the queen. I could pick any other hill, but for this training, this is THE hill. I own her. Not even a fresh layer of uneven asphalt will take my focus away from conquering that B*$#&!

It would be easy to choose one of the baby hills of my neighborhood, one that’s less of a challenge for my lungs or that gives a slight reprieve to my quads. But something about MY hill makes me going back for more. When I sprint or bound or crawl my way to the top, I feel a different sense of accomplishment. That confidence carries me forward throughout the day.

Hill circuits or repeats, in the moment, are by far the most physically demanding task of my day. They not only require a lot of physical strength but command even stronger mental will. I know if I make it to the top and complete my workout that day, I’ve completed the hardest part of my day. No demanding bosses, needy children, unforeseen crises will break me.

Find your hill and own it!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Are You Chipper?

I had someone ask me yesterday if I'm always chipper.  In between a snicker and gasp, I asked what prompted him to ask me such a thing.  His response?  "Well, everything I read that you post is always so positive and motivating and uplifting."  My answer?  "Then I'm serving my purpose."

His question did catch me a bit off-guard because I wouldn't ever classify myself as "chipper", but I do make a VERY conscious effort to project positivity in all I say and do.  He sees me when I'm in my element - coaching runners.  I'm happy, I'm passionate, I'm working hard to have them hate me in the moment and love me when we leave.  I care about my runners and I'm trying to make them better.  If I come across as chipper, it's because I love what I do.

Think about what image you project when you post things online via Facebook, Twitter, your blog, etc.  Does your message portray you as a positive person, someone others want to be around?  Are you posting things that provoke intrigue, inspire action and create awareness?  We all know the Debbie Downers.  Does this person encourage you to be better or motivate you to hit the delete button?

With the power of social media, it is absolutely imperative that you project yourself in the most positive light.   Am I happy 24/7?  Absolutely not!   I am however genuine.  It's not about creating a false image by only writing what you think others should read, but about sharing your life with others in a manner that creates curiosity and interest.  I'm much more interested in reading about someone who may be struggling, but writes in a manner to help others who may relate to that situation, rather than someone who just thinks life sucks.

Positive attitudes are contagious.  You should always ask yourself how you would react to the messages your send.  Are you the person someone would want to hire or fire?  Are you someone who others would want to be around or the type that has a dark cloud looming over your head.  Think about that.

If you can't always be positive, be funny, be sarcastic, be witty.  Most of all, be you.  Be genuine and write with honesty.  Write from your heart and write about what you love.

A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity;
an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.
” - Winston Churchill

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Commit Me to the Asylum

"Trust that circumstances in life will align to support you on your path. 
When you make a commitment, life will make a commitment back."

In May 2010, I began this crazy journey when I started Insanity.  I knew it would get me in shape.  I never doubted that.  I had no idea that it would be the start of such a tremendous transformation for my body, my confidence and my life.

A Rut.  This is what I looked like just ten months ago.  It wasn't horrible.  I was in pretty good shape.  I was running consistently, doing yoga avidly and going to the gym often.  The difference?  I wasn't inspired and quite honestly, I wasn't happy with where my life was going.

Dedication.  In just 60 days, I did change my body...dramatically.  I lost 12 pounds and two inches off my waist.  I felt fitter than I ever had in my life.

Commitment.  I saw no reason to quit, so I kept going. I modified my second round to be able to train for my fourth marathon, but I still continued to Dig Deeper at least three days a week. 

Happiness.  I proved not only to myself how hard works pays off, but I know I touched and inspired so many other people during my journey. I maintained my weight loss AND qualified for the Boston Marathon.  I got stronger, happier and more motivated than ever to always honor the commitment to myself to work very hard for the things I want to achieve in my life.

Ready.  Here I am today, ten months later.  I've finished three rounds of Insanity and I am so ready for the next challenge.  There's a new DVD coming out.  It's rumored to be even harder than Insanity.  I didn't think it was possible until I heard it's called...The Asylum. I get a chill just thinking about it, but I'm ready to commit myself. 

Think of where you want to be in ten months.  What direction do you want your life to go?  You control your path and destiny.  When you commit to yourself, forget the excuses and look beyond the obstacles.  Focus on your dream and life will reward you.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Kristal's Journey - Part 1

Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting Kristal.  She has the sweetest spirit, the kindest soul and the coolest hair I could only dream to have!  She originally met me by becoming a member of my online fit club and told me about her desire to get back into shape.  I believed so much in her that we decided to blog about her progress and her journey to get back to her desired weight.

I'll post about her monthly and let you know how she is doing!  I'm rooting for her and I hope she'll inspire you as well.

What is your goal size or weight?
My goal size is a 10. I want to get there and see how happy I'll really be. I was there before and I wanted to be smaller, but now...if only!

A goal weight would be around 144. I was stable there before. But if I work out and start building muscle or something that causes my weight to be higher than that and still achieve the overall look I want, that's perfectly fine with me.

What is your workout plan?
At this time, I work out three days per week minimum. My scheduled planned workout currently is Beachbody's Yoga Booty Ballet. I have the DVDs and I loosely follow the calendar that is included with the workouts.

I get a workout as a daycare provider.  Carrying around infants all day to replace weights is great strength training.  Taking extra time to 'squat' to pick them up or to clean up can be a great workout.   I also enjoy walking/running with my husband.

What makes you feel good?
I love it when you feel your body changing and when you can feel your muscles tightening when you do normal daily activities.

When are you most comfortable?
When I feel good!

How will you create accountability for yourself and who will hold you accountable to your goals?
Well first of all, I have to thank Rhonda for allowing me to be accountable to her! (I told you she is so sweet!)

I have to have a big, consistently visual calendar to mark off when I actually work out. I realize that just saying I'll work out three days a week could change.  For instance, Sunday could be the beginning of a week or the catch up day of another week.

How will you reward yourself for small achievements?
I really don't know. I think that I'll get more things that I feel I need in order to work out. For example, I don't have an MP3 player. So if I work out consistently for two months, then I'll get one because I know I'll use it.  BUT, I'll have to have do a workout that will need music, so running here I come!

I'm also telling a few family and friends and they are going to be looking at me up and down. I really want to be a good role model though, and let them know that they can do it without drugs and starvation!

What is your first goal?
To work out three times a week for two months!

What is your nutrition plan?
I really believe that I can eat and still lose weight by eating completely organic and healthy. I'm trying to stay away from serious calorie counting, fat free foods and diet pills. I want my body to do the work. If I do the work, I'll appreciate it more.

I couldn't agree with you more Kristal!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

My Why

Have you ever asked yourself , what is my passion? What drives me? What motivates me? What is something that I am so passionate about that I could work endless hours and still have desire to keep going? What is my Why?

My passion is my Beachbody business and my drive comes from being healthy and fit. I know how good that feels and I have an unrelenting desire to help others achieve a quality level of health for themselves. I strongly believe the foundation of everything, including my very own happiness begins with health. My why? My family. They are what bring it all together for me.

People know that I work very hard physically. I run marathons, I do crazy Bikram yoga challenges, I bust my booty with my Insanity workouts.  I make very conscious decisions about what I eat.  But my real dedication is to build a solid home business with Beachbody. With a full-time job, family and my own workouts, the time I can dedicate to working on my goals is the evenings. Every evening. No television. Minimal distractions. I utilize every minute I have to pursuing my goals.

I believe we must live in the moment and take advantage of every minute we have with our kids.  I also believe that if you really want something bad enough, you will make small sacrifices along the way.

I sacrificed a lot this year and thanks to one of the most supportive husbands a girl could ask for, I have been working at turning my passion into my full-time 'career'. I've missed some things this past year. I no longer take my son to school, which was the highlight of my day. It hurts me to give that up. The guilt overcomes me often. 

Small sacrifices open even larger doors.  I know that by next year, I will not only take him, but I'll be there at the end of the day to pick him up. This is something I have never been able to do.  He is my why and I won't let him down. Could you?

Ask yourself if you are truly happy with where you are in your life? Are you happy physically, financially, emotionally? Are you earning a living doing what you love or are you paying the bills and living day to day? When is the last time you achieved a goal? When is the last time you wrote down a goal?

I know I'm going to achieve my goals and be successful. Why? Because my priority is to help people first and my mission is to create healthier lives for those around me and for those that come into my life.

Whether you want help in getting healthier, want to join my cause or simply want some inspiration, I would love to hear from you!  It doesn't just start with me or you, it starts with us!  Email me!  WHY are you waiting?

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I did something a little out of my box this morning.  It was a little outside my comfort zone and a little bit uncomfortable for me. I ran unplugged. I wore Apollo on my wrist like a security blanket, but we didn't communicate with one another.  I ignored him. 

I listened to nothing but my breath and constant pitter patter of my shoes hitting the pavement.  I relied on my own perceived exertion rather any devices or music to push me through my tempo run.

I changed up my workout ritual quite a bit this week.  I started off the week by sleeping through my alarm.  I rarely get upset when this happens. The message is always clear.  I need to honor my body and sleep is the one thing I often neglect.

I accepted the circumstances and adapted to them by switching to an evening workout.  My energy levels are not the same at night and it's hard for me to work at the same intensity as a crack of dawn session, but as I got into my Insanity, the more I enjoyed it.  It was a welcome change and feeling the sweat dripping off my body at night was surprisingly energizing.

It is so easy to get into a ritual rut.  Doing the work may not always be enough and sometimes it just takes a simple change of circumstances to allow us to not only break out of the rut, but to break through it. 

The result of my "unplugged" run?  I ran faster than I have in weeks.  As much as I rely on technology to tell me my pace and music to motivate me, it's okay to listen to my body and let my gasping breaths dictate my pace. 

It's okay to sleep through my alarm and cherish the extra sleep rather than waste my energy being upset by a missed workout.

Adapt to change. Embrace the different circumstances.  Try something new.  Step outside your comfort zone.  See mistakes as opportunities and just run with it...or without it!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Delicious Way to Jump Start Your Day

Shakeology is my favorite meal of the day!  It's like drinking the most delicious chocolate shake except it's naturally healthy!  Shakeology is made with 70 all-natural ingredients derived from whole food sources with proven benefits that include: improved digestion and better regularity, weight loss, higher energy levels and lowered cholesterol.

Today, I took a little diversion from my regular shake and made these delicious oatmeal bars. 
3 cups Oatmeal
1/2 cup Natural Organic Peanut Butter
1 cup Almond Milk
Dash cinnamon
Splash of vanilla
1 teaspoon unsweetened cocoa powder
4 scoops chocolate Shakeology

Mix all dry ingredients, then add milk and vanilla to blend.
Add peanut butter and mix w/ hands.

Put mixture in an 8×8 pan, press flat, refrigerate for 2-3 hours and cut into squares!

Per serving:
170 calories
5.5 g fat
16 g carbs
6.5 g protein

Next Monday, I will start another 3-day cleanse.  The last time I did this, I didn't feel hungry and felt re-energized and rejuvenated.  The cleanse is a great way to get started right with Shakeology and get back on track with your nutrition.  What makes this different from other cleanses is that the Shakeology 3-day cleanse focuses on caloric efficiency; getting the most nutrients possible out of the fewest number of calories.  Although weight loss is a definite benefit, the purpose is aimed at fueling your body more efficiently.

Contact me if you're ready to jump start your fitness and shed pound quickly, efficiently and in a healthy manner.  I have packs like the one above available to get you started and on your way to optimal health!
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