Sunday, March 6, 2011

Commit Me to the Asylum

"Trust that circumstances in life will align to support you on your path. 
When you make a commitment, life will make a commitment back."

In May 2010, I began this crazy journey when I started Insanity.  I knew it would get me in shape.  I never doubted that.  I had no idea that it would be the start of such a tremendous transformation for my body, my confidence and my life.

A Rut.  This is what I looked like just ten months ago.  It wasn't horrible.  I was in pretty good shape.  I was running consistently, doing yoga avidly and going to the gym often.  The difference?  I wasn't inspired and quite honestly, I wasn't happy with where my life was going.

Dedication.  In just 60 days, I did change my body...dramatically.  I lost 12 pounds and two inches off my waist.  I felt fitter than I ever had in my life.

Commitment.  I saw no reason to quit, so I kept going. I modified my second round to be able to train for my fourth marathon, but I still continued to Dig Deeper at least three days a week. 

Happiness.  I proved not only to myself how hard works pays off, but I know I touched and inspired so many other people during my journey. I maintained my weight loss AND qualified for the Boston Marathon.  I got stronger, happier and more motivated than ever to always honor the commitment to myself to work very hard for the things I want to achieve in my life.

Ready.  Here I am today, ten months later.  I've finished three rounds of Insanity and I am so ready for the next challenge.  There's a new DVD coming out.  It's rumored to be even harder than Insanity.  I didn't think it was possible until I heard it's called...The Asylum. I get a chill just thinking about it, but I'm ready to commit myself. 

Think of where you want to be in ten months.  What direction do you want your life to go?  You control your path and destiny.  When you commit to yourself, forget the excuses and look beyond the obstacles.  Focus on your dream and life will reward you.


Mrs. K said...

The name is enough to scare me off and yes saying it definitely gives me shivers. In the next few months I'll be heading towards getting preggers so I don't want to do any extreme workouts but I'll be joining you on this in a few months. I can't imagine anything being more challenging than Insanity. I'm doing P90X right now and I'm enjoying the "break."

Anonymous said...

You are fantastic ~~~ Your continue dedication is actually making me think I CAN DO IT !!! I've been complaining about my body but I'm not doing anything !!! I may have to reach out to you via email and see what I can do to get a jump start on a body and meal plan !!! Happy Monday !

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