Friday, March 18, 2011

Over The Hill

I have this hill where I live. It’s my hill. I hate it and I love it. It’s steep and long. The Mt. ‘Kilimanbedford’ if you will. When it’s time for hill repeats or circuits, there is no other option. It stands high above the MidCities with a Wells Fargo ATM and Texas Roadhouse in its immediate horizon.

My neighborhood is full of rolling hills, but she is the queen. I could pick any other hill, but for this training, this is THE hill. I own her. Not even a fresh layer of uneven asphalt will take my focus away from conquering that B*$#&!

It would be easy to choose one of the baby hills of my neighborhood, one that’s less of a challenge for my lungs or that gives a slight reprieve to my quads. But something about MY hill makes me going back for more. When I sprint or bound or crawl my way to the top, I feel a different sense of accomplishment. That confidence carries me forward throughout the day.

Hill circuits or repeats, in the moment, are by far the most physically demanding task of my day. They not only require a lot of physical strength but command even stronger mental will. I know if I make it to the top and complete my workout that day, I’ve completed the hardest part of my day. No demanding bosses, needy children, unforeseen crises will break me.

Find your hill and own it!

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Booyah's Momma said...

That hill intimidates me just looking at it, Rhonda! Way to go you... for tackling that each day. Hope your run is downhill after that one. :)

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