Sunday, March 13, 2011

Are You Chipper?

I had someone ask me yesterday if I'm always chipper.  In between a snicker and gasp, I asked what prompted him to ask me such a thing.  His response?  "Well, everything I read that you post is always so positive and motivating and uplifting."  My answer?  "Then I'm serving my purpose."

His question did catch me a bit off-guard because I wouldn't ever classify myself as "chipper", but I do make a VERY conscious effort to project positivity in all I say and do.  He sees me when I'm in my element - coaching runners.  I'm happy, I'm passionate, I'm working hard to have them hate me in the moment and love me when we leave.  I care about my runners and I'm trying to make them better.  If I come across as chipper, it's because I love what I do.

Think about what image you project when you post things online via Facebook, Twitter, your blog, etc.  Does your message portray you as a positive person, someone others want to be around?  Are you posting things that provoke intrigue, inspire action and create awareness?  We all know the Debbie Downers.  Does this person encourage you to be better or motivate you to hit the delete button?

With the power of social media, it is absolutely imperative that you project yourself in the most positive light.   Am I happy 24/7?  Absolutely not!   I am however genuine.  It's not about creating a false image by only writing what you think others should read, but about sharing your life with others in a manner that creates curiosity and interest.  I'm much more interested in reading about someone who may be struggling, but writes in a manner to help others who may relate to that situation, rather than someone who just thinks life sucks.

Positive attitudes are contagious.  You should always ask yourself how you would react to the messages your send.  Are you the person someone would want to hire or fire?  Are you someone who others would want to be around or the type that has a dark cloud looming over your head.  Think about that.

If you can't always be positive, be funny, be sarcastic, be witty.  Most of all, be you.  Be genuine and write with honesty.  Write from your heart and write about what you love.

A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity;
an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.
” - Winston Churchill

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Anonymous said...

Hi Rhonda! Totally agree. Some days are witty other days are snarky but every day should be genuine. Nothing is more a bummer than not knowing if someone's being real or not.

Great post! Loving your blog. Jim

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