Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Dear Shaun T...

Mama Kat's assignment this week.

Mama's Losin' It

Write a list of 10 things that are sure to put a smile on your face when you are not happy.

Dear Shaun T,

Today is officially my last day of the Insanity 63-Day Challenge.  The weeks have swiftly passed as my body has slowly transformed.  I was hopeful for change, yet expected little.  I stayed cautiously optimistic, but remained realistic about the results I would actually have.

Who knew that I would become the testimony that motivated me to start?  What was it that made the difference?  How was I able to have the success I did? 

Being "in it" did not make me happy.  I often cursed the TV when you would make me do those dreaded Power Jumps for one full minute.  You made me so furious when you would take a break but would expect me to keep digging deep.  I was not amused by your "it's not a coffee break" comment when I was allowed a mere 30-second recovery. 

You did not make me happy Shaun T when you made me do all those crazy push-ups and the running floor drills, or diamond jumps.  I wanted to punch you in the face sometimes, but alas...I had no more energy.  In fact, you made me cry a couple times after completing the last interval of Max Interval Circuit.  You completely broke me.  Sometimes I wish I could have dunked your head in my pool of sweat and tears.

But then I would finish.  I had all this energy.  I started to realize that you weren't trying to make me unhappy, you were making me better.  Like Kanye says..."N- n- now th- that don't kill me, can only make me stronger!"

For all that pain I endured for holding a plie squat for five minutes, the anger I felt every time you stared right into my eyes and said, "You Can Do It", and the dread I experienced when I popped in that DVD, I am so grateful for even more.

Today I'm smiling not because I completed the challenge, but because you made want to complete another round.  I realize without you pushing me and making me so incredibly unhappy sometimes, I wouldn't be able to experience:
  • the confidence to pursue my dream to motivate others
  • the satisfaction of setting a goal and achieving it...successfully
  • the joy of fitting into everything in my closet
  • the pleasure of running again in a sports bra sans the **rollage
  • the passion for my own health and well-being
  • the love for really healthy food
  • the tenacity to push myself a little more each day
  • the commitment to journal every meal, snack and handful I've eaten in the past two months
  • the dedication to lead by example
  • the willingness to become humbled
Motivation Mama

p.s.  I'll be sending my before and after pics soon!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Four Days to My Sanity!

Today I completed Day 59 of the Insanity 63 Day challenge. Oh please, stop the applause, really. I don't deserve it...yet.

I started this workout on May 1st and though I had no doubt in my mind that I would finish, I really didn't think it would still be this hard. My expectations were that the first couple weeks would be tough, but then I'd get used to it, thus becoming a physical goddess, a SheRhonda with rock hard abs if you will.

Unless my Superwoman powers take over in the next four days, I haven't quite earned SheRhonda status, BUT I have had more successes than I really expected.

I've lost almost ten pounds. My BF has gone down about 3- 4 percent, although I don't really know for sure since I still have no idea how to accurately measure with the old school caliper.

I can wear a pair of pants that have quietly hung in my closet for two years. They felt betrayed by me and I can happily say, I've given them the attention they deserve.

I can do more push ups than I ever would have dreamed of doing. Not the girly kind either. The mean, Rocky "Yo Adrian" type push ups.

I've done crazy, silly-looking football drills, that have caused a stir of laughter from my dear friends. (You know who you are). Laugh if you must, but I feel stronger, quicker and sharper.

My workout clothing drawer is filled with a *plethora* of sports bras and shorts that I now feel comfortable running outdoors in without having to worry about the **rollage associated with the look. And I simply don't care. I've had a child. Any rollage is earned in my opinion!

My goal was not just to improve the physical me. My main objective was to be the example for so many other people who may not think they can do this. I wanted to prove that despite how busy our lives are, our health is vital and taking care of ourselves first is essential.

My hope is that I have inspired many people. Perhaps Insanity is not your thing, but getting healthy starts today. It takes a goal, motivation and the willingness to endure something beyond your comfort zone and the belief in yourself that you can thrive once you get past that threshold!

Thanks to three lovely ladies, a.k.a. The Nerd Mafia for this excellent Word Up, YO idea! I love it!
header 150x150

**rollage: n. the excess skin that hangs over your shorts, loose
skin remnants.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Tomboy that Loves Pink!

I grew up a tomboy.  I hated dolls, the color pink, wearing dresses and combing my hair.  Instead of taking ballet lessons, I traded baseball cards with my older brother.  While my friends worried over their Cabbage Patch doll names and Strawberry Shortcake accessories, I worried whether the Dallas Cowboys would make the playoffs.   

My earliest memories are sitting on my Dad's lap every Sunday watching football. We loved to watch the Cowboys and I could probably name the players by name and number.

Ironically, I wasn't all.  In fact, quite chubby and awkward.  I dreaded the day we had to run a mile during  PE class.  I hatedHATED running.  I wanted to like it, but I was insecure about my weight and too shy to do anything about it. 
But I loved sports.  I loved watching sports whether it be professional, college or high school.  It made me happy.  Most young girls today have posters of The Jonas Brothers or Robert Pattinson hanging in their rooms and lockers.  Mine were plastered with Michael Jordan, John Elway, Andre Agassi and just about any sports hero that I closely followed.  
I recorded stats while watching Cubs' baseball games and can recall watching an entire NFL draft at age 12.  I still have a hard time believing I once was that person.
I still LOVE sports but am happy to say that I've come out of that insecure shell and focus now on my own athleticism and health.  I'm definitely a product of my childhood but can now happily say I learned to control my weight through a healthy diet and exercise, I gained the confidence I lacked and yes, I LOVE the color pink!
So, it's no surprise to me that I was destined to have boys as my children.  My youngest, Jackson shares the love of sports I did as a child, but with the confidence I have as an adult. 
It brought me almost as much joy to see him at his first Cowboys' game.  I could feel his enthusiasm just as I would have experienced as a young girl.

We watch the games together like I did with my Dad.  Although he prefers to act out the game rather than sit in my lap!

Unlike me as child, he's not shy.  He loves a challenge.  He laughs when he makes a mistake and is not afraid to try something new.

I can remember being so inspired watching the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics.  I wanted to run like Carl Lewis and do back flips like Mary Lou Retton.  Jackson shared my enthusiasm during the 2008 Beijing Olympics.  A kid who is deathly afraid of water getting in his face, took the plunge after Micheal Phelps' awe-inspiring performance!

Today I'm a goal-oriented woman.  I love setting goals and taking steps to achieve them.  Jackson may just be a white belt, but he's determined to earn his black belt in Tae Kwon Do. With his Daddy as his instructor, it makes me laugh when Jackson coordinates the practice schedule and is very serious about sticking to it.  I wonder where he gets that?

Although his childhood is more of a reflection of my personality as an adult, it never gets old to see my child share my same passions.  He loves to watch me do my Insanity workouts and will beg to jump around with me.  He motivates me to keep going and is truly my inspiration.  I love that he is not only a part of me, but a true reflection of who I was and what I strive to be.

Thanks to Mama Kat for the assignment and inspiration to write.
Mama's Losin' It

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My Motivation

Seems like I do a lot of motivating.  But I also have a big motivator. 

Nine years ago today, I married a really wonderful man.  Despite our apparent physical differences and our not so noticeable contrasting personalities, I found a man that motivates me to be a better person.

In the time we have been together, it's hard to count the lessons I've learned and wisdom I've embraced.

When I met Cedric, I was in awe of his presence, the energy he possessed.  Then he walked past me as my batting eyes were fluttering for him.  He didn't even notice.

He was a jerk in my mind for the next five minutes.  Out of nowhere he came and rescued me and forever swooped me off my feet.  I fell in love with him that first night.

Our relationship developed rapidly as our love grew stronger. 
He showed me how to be a parent when I was still trying to figure out my own selfish life.
 He taught me the meaning of giving when I'd only been used to receiving.

He treated me with compassion and care when I never experienced being treated like a woman.

He showed me the meaning of humility when I was used to boastfulness.

He has never been or will ever be the mushy type or one to whisper sweet nothings but will surprise me when I least expect it with genuine thoughtfulness.

He has high expectations but far exceeds any limitations that are placed upon him.

He cleans, does laundry, cooks, irons, does yard work, can fix a car, bathes kids, sits quietly at sports games and cheers loudly at concerts. 

He is strikingly handsome and dresses very well. 

He is retired from the military and still irons his shirts from the dry-cleaners and knows how to fold a fitted sheet....correctly.

He is quiet around strangers and raucous at home with us.

He thinks Fred Sanford is the funniest man on television and lights up when a Michael Jackson song is playing.

Thanks Ced for being such a wonderful husband and an even better man.  Thanks for all the little things you do so that I can follow my passion to lead a healthy life.  You motivate me to work my hardest, to treat others with kindness, to guide others to be better people.

I love you!  Happy Anniversary.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

10 Foods I HATE to love

I eat very healthy.  That's no secret.  I actually crave really, healthy food.  I rarely order anything bad off of a menu and the only time you'll catch me in a fast-food line is to satisfy my husband's taste buds. 

I plan and prepare my healthy snacks or my 2nd and 4th meals according to Insanity's Diet Plan

A perfect meal is an assortment of fresh organic veggies over a bed of greens with tofu and a hearty whole grain slice of bread.

However, I do like bad things.  I just choose not to eat them...most of the time.  I have a list of foods I would love to eat if the gods of perfect health and fast metabolism were to graciously bless me.

10.  I believe that everyone should eat one CORN DOG a year.  Not one a day, not one a week or even month.  Just one really good state fair corn dog per year.  The kind you when you take a bite, your eyes close and your shoulders shrug with delight.

9. A slice of CHICAGO-STYLE PIZZA, with a rich, buttery, thick biscuit-like crust and more cheese than I've eaten in the past six months.  It will have my emotional heart smiling and my physical heart begging for mercy.

8.  Salty, crispy...REALLY SALTY FRENCH FRIES.  It's known that if I have dinner with you and you order the fries, I will steal one off of your plate.  Just one...that's it and I will savor every last morsel of that little greasy guy.

7.  I don't have the biggest sweet tooth, but if you get married and I'm invited, you better have WHITE WEDDING CAKE on your agenda.   This one is easy.  I would say I attend on average one wedding per year, so it's no holds barred after that cake is cut!

6.  Bitter, smooth 90% DARK CHOCOLATE.  The kind with the slightest tinge of sweetener.  I know.  I know.  It's good for me and rich in antioxidants but there's a fine line between antioxidants and calorie explosion.

5.  I live in Texas, so nothing is better than warm, salty (do you sense a trend) TORTILLA CHIPS AND FRESH SALSA.  I have been know to polish off an entire basket of chips and then chase it with a shot of salsa.  You must never have an unequal proportion of chips to salsa and I will eat until the table is moderation of course!

4.   Speaking of Tex-Mex, my mouth just began to salivate at the thought of FROZEN MARGARITA and oddly enough, I prefer it without the salt.  I have no further explanation.  I haven't had one in years, so if you're having a party and planning on renting one of those cool little machines, it's so ON!

3.  Homemade, warm, salty CHEX MEX.  This stuff is like snack crack.  Once I start, I can't stop.  Just one more peanut, a couple more pretzels...ooh and that dark chex....and couple more pretzels...and...

2.  Restaurants love to tantalize me with pre-meal WARM BREAD AND BUTTER.  Depending on my level of strength or lack thereof, I must spread a "healthy" portion of butter to make it worthwhile.

Drum roll please....
1.  Salty, buttery, warm MOVIE POPCORN.  I've seen the reports written on this artery-clogging, heart-attack-waiting-to-happen treat.  I don't go to many movies and it's been proven that movies are not as good without popcorn, so I must oblige!
Enjoy!  In moderation of course!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Dig Deeper

When I speak about DIGGING DEEPER during an INSANITY workout, this is what I'm talking about.

By now you should either be thinking I'm completely Insane or wondering why I looked so slow in that last round. 

How I Got There:
Digging Deeper, Bulldog Determination, Mental Toughness.  This is what gets me to the finish line.  This is how I've made it to Day 51 of 63.  Day by day, interval by interval.  It's so easy to make excuses.  But excuses do not get me to the finish line.


I'm not saying this is for everyone, but we've all been in situations we didn't want to be, whether physically, emotionally or socially.  Getting through that uncomfortable phase is what is going to make you a stronger person.

Finally, no matter what you endure, there is a point at which we can either break and quit or decide to push through.  Sometimes we need a little help along the way.   Thanks Shaun T!  What will it take for you to DIG DEEPER today?  Maybe you're ready for Insanity or maybe a change in your life.  If so, it's time to step outside that comfort zone!  What is stopping you?

Interval 3 - FINAL SET

Thursday, June 17, 2010


I'm often asked how I have time for everything I do?  My answer?  Choices, priorities, time management!  I'm pretty good at the first two.  My time management skills could use a little help!

CHOICES:  Insanity and marathon training are taking a lot of my time, but I choose to get my workouts done early.  And when I say early, I don't mean, sunrise, morning dew, birds chirping early.  I'm talking dark, quiet, 'the crack' early.  This allows me the freedom to have my evenings free.  I used to spend the majority of my evenings watching television, but I've given a lot (most) of that up.  My choice is to do more productive things, thus making small sacrifices in order to create big successes for my family's future.

PRIORITIES:  Keeping the balance between family, work and "me time" can be tricky and they often interlap. I don't always do the right thing and often don't give as much time as I should to family. Supportive spouses and children are very important. I'm so fortunate in this regard.  But my son sent me a gentle reminder yesterday about spending too much time on the computer blogging and friending and reading when he needs me. That's an instant shot to the heart and a huge reminder that my family is always first. 

TIME MANAGEMENT:  24 Hours - Work outs - Family + Eating - Job - Sleep = My Typical Day. 
Like I said, I often struggle with this one.  Sleep, unfortunately falls to the way side.  It's something I try to work on, but I'm unfortunately a night owl living in an early riser's world.  The two do not  Being somewhat organized, creating to-do list, staying on task and following a schedule.  Sounds like an excellent plan!  Now if only I could follow my own advice!

Putting it all together:  Each week, I've been taking an update picture, in hopes of documenting a successful Insanity transformation.  I started using the timer on my camera and found that my little guy was playing tricks on me, craving my attention.  So we've started a little game.  It's been a good way to mix the me time with family time.  
Today I finished my 7th week of INSANITY.  It's so crazy how quickly I've gone through this insane workout program.  I had hoped for changes to my body, but didn't honestly think I would have the success I've had.  If you're on the fence and thinking about really improving your life, this is the way to go.  You have to DIP DEEP and your goals will become achievable!

Monday, June 14, 2010

A New Design

Thank you so much to Kelsey for creating this new blog look for me! 

She listened so well and created a site just how I had asked! I'm so excited for this change and so motivated to be successful in all things I do!  I highly recommend her services!!
Now, I must motivate myself to go to bed!  Lots to do tomorrow, including a wake up call from Shaun T!  Cardio Recovery in the morning! only my dreams tonight will it be easy!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

I'm a Flexitarian

I've been promoted!  I have new title!  Unfortunately this comes without a pay raise or a new corner office.  No more people to manage, no one to call boss.  Allow me to introduce myself.  Hello, I'm Rhonda Layton, Flexitarian.

Thanks to Angie's Healthy Living Blog, Flexitarianism is a title that suits me well.  According to the definition, a Flexitarian is a semi-vegetarian, whose diet focuses on vegetarian food with occasional meat consumption.  Viola!  That's me!

Other than a very rare occasion, I've been a NON-RED MEAT eating girl for almost 17 years.  There was that one horrible pregnancy encounter I had with cold Mamwich sitting on the stove, but other than that, red meat does not play a part in my diet.   Trust me, that was not a sandwich, that was definitely a MAMWICH! 

I still eat chicken and LOVE a turkey sandwich, but if I was single and didn't have red-meat eating, carnivorous boys, I would probably be a vegetarian - the vegan kind.  But alas, short order cook is not a title I desire or strive to earn.  Thus, we eat chicken or fish together and when the menu calls for red, I'm on my own.  I love those days!

To me, ground turkey is a healthy alternative to ground beef.  But to my son Jackson, throwing up a turkey burger all over the dinner table is affirmative "I don't care, I want red meat" reaction!  Yes, this happened today.

Sure, I know this reaction is not just limited to six-year olds, but I don't just really LOVE healthy food, I CRAVE it!  But this comes with understanding that not everyone shares my same sentiments for a tofu loaf

Other than having that knee jerk, "that looks like cat vomit" reaction, try it.  Why not give your pallet a surprise?  You don't even have to tell your friends!  There is such an abundance of non-meat alternatives waiting for you to try and longing for the same kind of acceptance as a juicy burger and fries.

Being a flexitarian allows me to be flexible.  It allows me to make a hearty lasagna for my boys, while I'd much rather settle for veggie version.  It's not about taking meat out of my diet, but rather adding an array healthy alternatives.  A simple hummus on whole grain with sweet potato fries makes my stomach satisfied and my heart smiling.  To me, you really haven't lived until you've had a chickpea burger and chocolate tofu mousse for dessert.

Stay Healthy!

Insanity Update:   It's hard to believe but tomorrow is DAY 45 of my 63 day challenge!  I wanted to simply die during today's workout, but after my ROGR Berry smoothie and a shower, I felt completely refreshed and very energized!  The hard work is worth everything.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


What a pleasant surprise I had this morning.  Each morning I drop Jackson off at daycare, I always hope he is safe and in a nurturing learning environment.  We are so fortunate to have caregivers that provide this haven for him.

I learned the other day the school age children have planted a garden behind their building.  I had my first glimpse on Tuesday of the soon to be picked corn, tomatoes, cucumbers, cantaloupe and my favorite, yellow squash.  Not only did the children play a role in planting the fruits and vegetables, they are taking an active part in watering it, watching it grow and most importantly, tasting the deliciousness of the freshly picked garden harvest.

Teaching kids healthy habits, especially healthy eating habits is so important and when you make it fun, it becomes a life lesson and good habits are established at an early age. 

Can you see the enthusiasm in his face for picking his very own cucumber for his mommy?

As you might expect, I savored every last bit of the cucumber for dinner on a fresh salad or field greens.  Nothing compares to a freshly picked vegetable, grown with your own hands. DELISH!
Just when we think we are supposed to teach our kids everything, we learn so much more from them!  Teaching healthy habits for healthy living!

Stay Healthy!  Stay Motivated!

INSANITY / FITNESS UPDATE:  Day 42 of Insanity.  I'm rewarding myself with a wonderful and much deserved rest day tomorrow.  I've lost a total of about seven pounds.  For someone who never loses weight, this is a pleasant surprise.  My pants are very loose around my waist, but more importantly I feel so good and so strong.  Marathon coaching starts at 6:00 a.m. Saturday morning.  I can't wait to motivate and inspire!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I just finished watching one of my favorite television shows, So You Think You Can Dance!   Set aside the phenomenal dancing and chiseled bodies, this show is so emotionally moving.

We all know I'm a crier.  I cry like a baby each time I watch it because nothing is more motivating than watching a person live and breathe his or her passion.  The dancers put their hearts and souls into every step, each breath, the slightest movement and the results are simply breath-taking!

Imagine doing something that you believed in so much that despite being so difficult, you are willing to put all your energy into it.  Imagine working so hard that your efforts pay off in ways you could only dream would come true.  IMAGINE following your passion!

Health and fitness are my passions.  I love to be healthy and I love to encourage others to become fit.  It's as if I feel like I'm on that stage and I've been given this platform to motivate others to become passionate about being healthy. 

Maybe that is why I get so emotional when I watch this show.  I can understand being so broken from working so hard that the only thing you have left to give is raw emotion.  I understand the willingness to step outside of who I am to become what I was intended to be.  Most of all I understand having PASSION and drive to pursue living it!

INSANITY UPDATE:  One more day to go and I've made it through the first week of Month 2!  My body is all over sore again just like I've started from Day One.  As hard as it is, I can't help but feel excited for the next day.  I feel my body changing in ways I haven't felt, well, EVER.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Month 2 - Off and Running

Month TWO started on Saturday.  Shaun T does not hold anything back this second month.  Day One schedule is the Fit Test #3 AND the first 60-minute MAX Interval Circuit.  All in all, roughly 85 minutes of Insane Cardio.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

My Fit Test #3 Results?  As Adam Sandler would say..."NOT TOO SHABBY!"  But, at the same time, some of my numbers went down a little.  I was definitely fully rested for the recovery week.  I'm guessing my anxiety played a role.  Whatever the reason, I would still score my results significant and I'm very pleased.  Keelan continues to improve exponentially each Fit Test and continues to make me proud. 

The Fit Test is followed by Max Interval Circuit.  I suppose you can break it up, but I chose to have my punishment over quickly.  I guess I have a take the bandage and rip it quickly from my arm instead of a slow, methodical removal type of mentality

Yes, the workout kicked my butt and yes, it was one of the hardest I've done. BUT, it's doable.  If you go in with a good  attitude, you take the "I won't give up" mentality, you WILL get through.  I won't lie, you will not be pretty when you finish the workout, but your results will be beautiful when you make it through INSANITY!

Before - I LOVE YOU SHAUN T                  After - I HATE YOU SHAUN T

UPDATE:  Fox4 News came to my house to film a segment on my experience with INSANITY today!  So exciting for me to share my love of fitness and share my passion to motivate others.  Follow up is scheduled for my 9th week of Insanity!  No other details yet.  I'll keep you posted.

Friday, June 4, 2010


I've forgotten how great breakfast for dinner can be!  What is better than turkey bacon with scrambled egg beaters and whole grain waffles?  If your answer is "NOTHING", you are so on board the Insanity train.  If it's "that is not what I call breakfast", then let's talk.  We have some work to do!
turkey bacon

+ whole grain waffles
+ egg beater scrambled eggs = DELISH!

I'm finding that my favorite meals are anything that involves a breakfast-type feel. Still LOVE my Meal 2 Oatmeal with Protein.  It's become a daily 10:00 a.m. staple.  I also tried chocolate soy milk in my smoothie this week.  Result was as expected.  YUMMY!

I often get asked how hard is it to plan my daily meals and the answer is quite simple.  This is not hard and once you get used to it, it easily and instantly becomes second nature.  Instead of just stuffing my face with chips and salsa, my mind usually goes on auto-pilot when it comes to my meal planning.  A simple combination of carbs and proteins and good fat.  In fact, with a little prep and organization, this is easier.  I don't need to run out at lunch in the 105 degree Texas heat.  I don' have to worry about hidden calories and most importantly, I don't have to worry if it's healthy.

I still love my ROGR Berry Smoothie.  I'm diggin some soy nut butter on a tortilla sprinkled with cinnamon.  A toasted English muffin with a hard-boiled egg and hummus is simply fab. Mixing albacore tuna with spicy salsa with rice chips is a beyond satisfying lunch, while mixing raw almonds with Barbara's Shredded Oats is the perfect afternoon combo.

But nothing satisfies more than a hearty, yet low-cal, breakfast for dinner!

Stay healthy!  Stay motivated!

INSANITY UPDATE:  So back about a month ago I talked about a local new station doing a consumer report on Insanity using me as the product tester.  Well, it's still going to happen!  Month 2 starts tomorrow and the the crew is coming to my house Monday morning to shoot some video!  How exciting!  I don't know any other details yet, but I'll keep you posted!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Overcoming Fear

Hi.  My name is Rhonda, and this is my first year coaching.  I DID IT!  It was that easy. 

Tonight was my orientation meeting for marathon training.  Up until tonight, I still had those initial self-doubts about whether I'd be a good coach.  The whole confidence issue I've struggled with for so long opened it's ugly doors again.  UGH!  I walked in timid and somewhat dreading the first day of training, and I left feeling so excited and so eager to get started.

We had to introduce ourselves and say a few words about our marathon history.  As I spoke, I saw these eager, novice eyes watching me and smiling back and it was at that moment, I KNEW that this is what I'm meant to do.  I'm so excited to share my knowledge and motivate others through my experience and hard work.   As the participants asked questions one by one, I envisioned molding them into successful marathon finishers! 

Marathon training is a journey and I can't wait to take my group on a fantastic trip traveling several miles through rough terrain and hot, humid temps.  A journey that will transcend all former experiences and will place a definitive check on many bucket lists.

Tonight I felt like I finally had the confidence to lead those that I would at one point rather follow and tonight I knew that my motivation is going to be the cause of many individual successes.  What I was apprehensive about this morning, I can't wait to begin tonight. 

Don't ever let fear keep you from following your passions.  Don't just dip your toes in the water.  If it's something you truly love, jump in feet first.  Your head with surface, I promise!

My mentor and dear friend Jo!  Thank you for encouraging me to pursue coaching!  I'm learning from the best!

INSANITY UPDATE:  I'm getting extremely anxious to begin Month 2 and I'm getting extremely antsy.  And quite honestly, the last two minutes of Core Cardio and Balance just blows.  I seriously feel flames in my legs.  I know now that I'm definitely going to become a Beachbody coach.  It just makes sense and after tonight, I think I'm going to make that jump rather quickly...feet first!
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