Sunday, June 13, 2010

I'm a Flexitarian

I've been promoted!  I have new title!  Unfortunately this comes without a pay raise or a new corner office.  No more people to manage, no one to call boss.  Allow me to introduce myself.  Hello, I'm Rhonda Layton, Flexitarian.

Thanks to Angie's Healthy Living Blog, Flexitarianism is a title that suits me well.  According to the definition, a Flexitarian is a semi-vegetarian, whose diet focuses on vegetarian food with occasional meat consumption.  Viola!  That's me!

Other than a very rare occasion, I've been a NON-RED MEAT eating girl for almost 17 years.  There was that one horrible pregnancy encounter I had with cold Mamwich sitting on the stove, but other than that, red meat does not play a part in my diet.   Trust me, that was not a sandwich, that was definitely a MAMWICH! 

I still eat chicken and LOVE a turkey sandwich, but if I was single and didn't have red-meat eating, carnivorous boys, I would probably be a vegetarian - the vegan kind.  But alas, short order cook is not a title I desire or strive to earn.  Thus, we eat chicken or fish together and when the menu calls for red, I'm on my own.  I love those days!

To me, ground turkey is a healthy alternative to ground beef.  But to my son Jackson, throwing up a turkey burger all over the dinner table is affirmative "I don't care, I want red meat" reaction!  Yes, this happened today.

Sure, I know this reaction is not just limited to six-year olds, but I don't just really LOVE healthy food, I CRAVE it!  But this comes with understanding that not everyone shares my same sentiments for a tofu loaf

Other than having that knee jerk, "that looks like cat vomit" reaction, try it.  Why not give your pallet a surprise?  You don't even have to tell your friends!  There is such an abundance of non-meat alternatives waiting for you to try and longing for the same kind of acceptance as a juicy burger and fries.

Being a flexitarian allows me to be flexible.  It allows me to make a hearty lasagna for my boys, while I'd much rather settle for veggie version.  It's not about taking meat out of my diet, but rather adding an array healthy alternatives.  A simple hummus on whole grain with sweet potato fries makes my stomach satisfied and my heart smiling.  To me, you really haven't lived until you've had a chickpea burger and chocolate tofu mousse for dessert.

Stay Healthy!

Insanity Update:   It's hard to believe but tomorrow is DAY 45 of my 63 day challenge!  I wanted to simply die during today's workout, but after my ROGR Berry smoothie and a shower, I felt completely refreshed and very energized!  The hard work is worth everything.


Angie said...

Yay! I think your new title is great!

Rhonda said...

Thanks Angie for introducing me to a new me! :)

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