Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I just finished watching one of my favorite television shows, So You Think You Can Dance!   Set aside the phenomenal dancing and chiseled bodies, this show is so emotionally moving.

We all know I'm a crier.  I cry like a baby each time I watch it because nothing is more motivating than watching a person live and breathe his or her passion.  The dancers put their hearts and souls into every step, each breath, the slightest movement and the results are simply breath-taking!

Imagine doing something that you believed in so much that despite being so difficult, you are willing to put all your energy into it.  Imagine working so hard that your efforts pay off in ways you could only dream would come true.  IMAGINE following your passion!

Health and fitness are my passions.  I love to be healthy and I love to encourage others to become fit.  It's as if I feel like I'm on that stage and I've been given this platform to motivate others to become passionate about being healthy. 

Maybe that is why I get so emotional when I watch this show.  I can understand being so broken from working so hard that the only thing you have left to give is raw emotion.  I understand the willingness to step outside of who I am to become what I was intended to be.  Most of all I understand having PASSION and drive to pursue living it!

INSANITY UPDATE:  One more day to go and I've made it through the first week of Month 2!  My body is all over sore again just like I've started from Day One.  As hard as it is, I can't help but feel excited for the next day.  I feel my body changing in ways I haven't felt, well, EVER.


Lula Lola said...

I agree, seeing someone live what they're passionate about is so inspiring.
I wish I were like you and were more fit. I love to cook and enjoy cooking healthy foods(along with some unhealthy ones :( ) But, the excercise part has been such a struggle for me. I start and stop. I haven't found anything that I don't dread like a root canal. Even though I feel so much better when I'm excercising. I'm so impressed that you are passionate about your health! Wish it would rub off on me!

Rhonda said...

It's the one show I have to watch. I'm completely defenseless against my emotions while watching.
I wish I had the magic potion as well, but I truly believe having some kind of passion is so good for your overall health. I always feel your passion in your writings, LOVE your sarcasm and think YOU are an inspiration to many people! Now, if only your photoshop skills could rub off on me!

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