Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Overcoming Fear

Hi.  My name is Rhonda, and this is my first year coaching.  I DID IT!  It was that easy. 

Tonight was my orientation meeting for marathon training.  Up until tonight, I still had those initial self-doubts about whether I'd be a good coach.  The whole confidence issue I've struggled with for so long opened it's ugly doors again.  UGH!  I walked in timid and somewhat dreading the first day of training, and I left feeling so excited and so eager to get started.

We had to introduce ourselves and say a few words about our marathon history.  As I spoke, I saw these eager, novice eyes watching me and smiling back and it was at that moment, I KNEW that this is what I'm meant to do.  I'm so excited to share my knowledge and motivate others through my experience and hard work.   As the participants asked questions one by one, I envisioned molding them into successful marathon finishers! 

Marathon training is a journey and I can't wait to take my group on a fantastic trip traveling several miles through rough terrain and hot, humid temps.  A journey that will transcend all former experiences and will place a definitive check on many bucket lists.

Tonight I felt like I finally had the confidence to lead those that I would at one point rather follow and tonight I knew that my motivation is going to be the cause of many individual successes.  What I was apprehensive about this morning, I can't wait to begin tonight. 

Don't ever let fear keep you from following your passions.  Don't just dip your toes in the water.  If it's something you truly love, jump in feet first.  Your head with surface, I promise!

My mentor and dear friend Jo!  Thank you for encouraging me to pursue coaching!  I'm learning from the best!

INSANITY UPDATE:  I'm getting extremely anxious to begin Month 2 and I'm getting extremely antsy.  And quite honestly, the last two minutes of Core Cardio and Balance just blows.  I seriously feel flames in my legs.  I know now that I'm definitely going to become a Beachbody coach.  It just makes sense and after tonight, I think I'm going to make that jump rather quickly...feet first!

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