Tuesday, June 22, 2010

10 Foods I HATE to love

I eat very healthy.  That's no secret.  I actually crave really, healthy food.  I rarely order anything bad off of a menu and the only time you'll catch me in a fast-food line is to satisfy my husband's taste buds. 

I plan and prepare my healthy snacks or my 2nd and 4th meals according to Insanity's Diet Plan

A perfect meal is an assortment of fresh organic veggies over a bed of greens with tofu and a hearty whole grain slice of bread.

However, I do like bad things.  I just choose not to eat them...most of the time.  I have a list of foods I would love to eat if the gods of perfect health and fast metabolism were to graciously bless me.

10.  I believe that everyone should eat one CORN DOG a year.  Not one a day, not one a week or even month.  Just one really good state fair corn dog per year.  The kind you when you take a bite, your eyes close and your shoulders shrug with delight.

9. A slice of CHICAGO-STYLE PIZZA, with a rich, buttery, thick biscuit-like crust and more cheese than I've eaten in the past six months.  It will have my emotional heart smiling and my physical heart begging for mercy.

8.  Salty, crispy...REALLY SALTY FRENCH FRIES.  It's known that if I have dinner with you and you order the fries, I will steal one off of your plate.  Just one...that's it and I will savor every last morsel of that little greasy guy.

7.  I don't have the biggest sweet tooth, but if you get married and I'm invited, you better have WHITE WEDDING CAKE on your agenda.   This one is easy.  I would say I attend on average one wedding per year, so it's no holds barred after that cake is cut!

6.  Bitter, smooth 90% DARK CHOCOLATE.  The kind with the slightest tinge of sweetener.  I know.  I know.  It's good for me and rich in antioxidants but there's a fine line between antioxidants and calorie explosion.

5.  I live in Texas, so nothing is better than warm, salty (do you sense a trend) TORTILLA CHIPS AND FRESH SALSA.  I have been know to polish off an entire basket of chips and then chase it with a shot of salsa.  You must never have an unequal proportion of chips to salsa and I will eat until the table is balanced...in moderation of course!

4.   Speaking of Tex-Mex, my mouth just began to salivate at the thought of FROZEN MARGARITA and oddly enough, I prefer it without the salt.  I have no further explanation.  I haven't had one in years, so if you're having a party and planning on renting one of those cool little machines, it's so ON!

3.  Homemade, warm, salty CHEX MEX.  This stuff is like snack crack.  Once I start, I can't stop.  Just one more peanut, a couple more pretzels...ooh and that dark chex....and couple more pretzels...and...

2.  Restaurants love to tantalize me with pre-meal WARM BREAD AND BUTTER.  Depending on my level of strength or lack thereof, I must spread a "healthy" portion of butter to make it worthwhile.

Drum roll please....
1.  Salty, buttery, warm MOVIE POPCORN.  I've seen the reports written on this artery-clogging, heart-attack-waiting-to-happen treat.  I don't go to many movies and it's been proven that movies are not as good without popcorn, so I must oblige!
Enjoy!  In moderation of course!


Unknown said...

mmmmm....wedding cake...that is one of my favs! I will NOT give in!! I will NOT give in!!

Lula Lola said...

I'm with you on the Chex Mix! My best friend makes me a big tub of the homemade stuff every year and puts Cheerios in it. They soak up all that seasoning so nicely. I hide it from the children and eat it when they go to bed.(Is that not the most evil thing you've ever heard? Shortening my life and eating all the tasty snacks!)

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