Thursday, June 10, 2010


What a pleasant surprise I had this morning.  Each morning I drop Jackson off at daycare, I always hope he is safe and in a nurturing learning environment.  We are so fortunate to have caregivers that provide this haven for him.

I learned the other day the school age children have planted a garden behind their building.  I had my first glimpse on Tuesday of the soon to be picked corn, tomatoes, cucumbers, cantaloupe and my favorite, yellow squash.  Not only did the children play a role in planting the fruits and vegetables, they are taking an active part in watering it, watching it grow and most importantly, tasting the deliciousness of the freshly picked garden harvest.

Teaching kids healthy habits, especially healthy eating habits is so important and when you make it fun, it becomes a life lesson and good habits are established at an early age. 

Can you see the enthusiasm in his face for picking his very own cucumber for his mommy?

As you might expect, I savored every last bit of the cucumber for dinner on a fresh salad or field greens.  Nothing compares to a freshly picked vegetable, grown with your own hands. DELISH!
Just when we think we are supposed to teach our kids everything, we learn so much more from them!  Teaching healthy habits for healthy living!

Stay Healthy!  Stay Motivated!

INSANITY / FITNESS UPDATE:  Day 42 of Insanity.  I'm rewarding myself with a wonderful and much deserved rest day tomorrow.  I've lost a total of about seven pounds.  For someone who never loses weight, this is a pleasant surprise.  My pants are very loose around my waist, but more importantly I feel so good and so strong.  Marathon coaching starts at 6:00 a.m. Saturday morning.  I can't wait to motivate and inspire!

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