Sunday, February 27, 2011

My Why

Have you ever asked yourself , what is my passion? What drives me? What motivates me? What is something that I am so passionate about that I could work endless hours and still have desire to keep going? What is my Why?

My passion is my Beachbody business and my drive comes from being healthy and fit. I know how good that feels and I have an unrelenting desire to help others achieve a quality level of health for themselves. I strongly believe the foundation of everything, including my very own happiness begins with health. My why? My family. They are what bring it all together for me.

People know that I work very hard physically. I run marathons, I do crazy Bikram yoga challenges, I bust my booty with my Insanity workouts.  I make very conscious decisions about what I eat.  But my real dedication is to build a solid home business with Beachbody. With a full-time job, family and my own workouts, the time I can dedicate to working on my goals is the evenings. Every evening. No television. Minimal distractions. I utilize every minute I have to pursuing my goals.

I believe we must live in the moment and take advantage of every minute we have with our kids.  I also believe that if you really want something bad enough, you will make small sacrifices along the way.

I sacrificed a lot this year and thanks to one of the most supportive husbands a girl could ask for, I have been working at turning my passion into my full-time 'career'. I've missed some things this past year. I no longer take my son to school, which was the highlight of my day. It hurts me to give that up. The guilt overcomes me often. 

Small sacrifices open even larger doors.  I know that by next year, I will not only take him, but I'll be there at the end of the day to pick him up. This is something I have never been able to do.  He is my why and I won't let him down. Could you?

Ask yourself if you are truly happy with where you are in your life? Are you happy physically, financially, emotionally? Are you earning a living doing what you love or are you paying the bills and living day to day? When is the last time you achieved a goal? When is the last time you wrote down a goal?

I know I'm going to achieve my goals and be successful. Why? Because my priority is to help people first and my mission is to create healthier lives for those around me and for those that come into my life.

Whether you want help in getting healthier, want to join my cause or simply want some inspiration, I would love to hear from you!  It doesn't just start with me or you, it starts with us!  Email me!  WHY are you waiting?


Booyah's Momma said...

"He is my why." I love that. And there is no better "why" to have, is there?

You are such an inspiration and positive thinker, Rhonda. I think you've already achieved some pretty lofty goals, for sure.

Unknown said...

I know exactly what you mean. I recently dedicated myself to pursuing my dream so I can be the whole mommy my daughter deserves. Short term sacrifices reap long term rewards.

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