Monday, July 25, 2011

A Transition

Remember the 'jerk' I talked about quite some time ago?  How he just wasn't fitting well into my life?  I let him go...finally.  It's time to start my new life.

I made a promise to myself a little over a year ago that is was time to let the jerk go.   It was time to follow my passion and most of all, it was time to let go of what I thought was best for me versus what I know is right for me.

On Friday, I left my safe job and an industry I'd worked in for over ten years to really start focusing on what makes me happy. I humbled myself enough to realize that I am not a career woman trying to make my way up the corporate ladder.  Never was, never want to be.  I am a woman who wants to make a difference in people's lives. I'm family and fitness first. 

Thanks to some honest advice from a friend and encouragement from my husband, I decided to pursue a job that makes me happy.  I am a runner and a mother.  I am passionate about running and fitness is what make my heart spin.  Being with my family makes me happy.   By setting some very definitive goals and following my heart, I found a place that that is a perfect match that aligns with my priorities.

So I'll be swapping my dress pants and fancy shoes for sweats and running shoes to work for the store that got me started with running and allowed me to be a coach to other runners for the past year.  How cool and how exciting! 

More time at home during the week gives me the ability to take my son to school and to have special lunches with him from time to time.  Focused quiet time at home allows me to work harder than ever with my independent Beachbody business.

Our lives have a purpose.  All of us.  There is a reason for each of us to be on this Earth.  It took a conscious introspective look at what life wants from me rather than what I want from life.  I believe I have a gift to give and how dare I not follow through on that!


jillconyers said...

Awesome to read! So proud and inspired by you.

I know it sounds like a cliche but I am now realizing who I am. I am at the beginning of my journey. Curious to know where it will end. Curious to explore where my passion will take me. A year from now I hope to be able to share my own "A Transition".

Tracy said...

Congratulations Rhonda, you deserve the best! I'm so happy things worked out for you. It's a huge and scary step but you will truly enjoy this time! Thanks again for all of the inspiration along the way.... ~Take Care....

Tina @ Faith Fitness Fun said...

YAY! That is AWESOME!!! I know it must feel so great to get out of something you didn't feel happy with and start pursuing dreams. We all deserve that chance and so happy you're going after it. I bet its going to mean great things for you. :)

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