Thursday, May 13, 2010

My Bro

I'm a very emotional person.  I take after my mother 100 percent.  She was the type that used to cry at parent-teacher conferences because she was so proud.  As a kid, I could never understand why someone would cry because they were happy.  It just didn't make sense to me.  Then, one day I became an adult.  It was if I was a contestant on a game show and the grand prize was revealed.  Congratulations Rhonda!  You have just won the winning ticket to TEARS OF JOY!

I can and will cry in an instant. ANYTHING easily causes my eyes to well up with tears.  I don't think it's a bad thing.  I like to think I'm very vested in emotions of the human spirit.  My boys know this very well about me.  So much so that as soon as any slow music comes on, I can see them through my peripheral vision checking me to see if the tears have started. 

Now please understand, I would consider myself to be a very strong woman.  I don't cry from weakness unless my spirit is broken.  Or if  Shaun T is making me to power jumps. Yes, it happens, but I tend to to cry most often because I'm very easily touched by simple gestures and meaningful acts of inspiration.

OK...this is where my lip starts to quiver.  My brother and I have always been VERY close.  He has always been  the biggest support to me.  When the mean kids teased the fat girl (me) in grade school, he stuck up for me.  When I needed a ride to high school, he drove me.  When I needed a big brother close by during college, he was that guy.  When I moved to Texas completely on my own, he supported my dreams.  When I got married, he stood by Cedric.  When I needed a visitor, he came to see me.  When I needed a quick back up support for the Marine Corp Marathon last year, he flew to DC in a instant and we had a spontaneous blast of fun. (including falling off a Segway in front of the White House!) Most importantly, when I need a really good laugh, he is always there to provide one.

(No one says you gotta look good after 26.2)

(Being goofy in front of the Capitol)

For those reasons and millions of others, I love him so much.  He tells me often that I inspire him, but I have to say, the feeling is completely reciprocated.  Until last year, he was an average guy with big dreams.  He always was trying a new venture.  Always doing something to improve his success.  Then one day, he decided to improve himself on a physical level and the transformation I've witnessed is incredible.  He started P90X in October and has since completed two rounds and is on to the next level. 

His transformation is well beyond physical.  He wants to spread the word of fitness to everyone and GENUINELY wants to helps others.  Check Him Out on this blog.  He wants to support people just like he's always supported me and wants others to experience the transformation that has changed his life.  Check out his Beachbody coaching page.  His Before and After Pictures are ridiculous!

I realize I am so fortunate to have the relationship that my big brother and I share and I am so proud of him.  Telling others about him makes me want to cry.  Imagine that!  So as he likes to say, GET BUSY LIVING.  Make today the day you change your life. 

INSANITY UPDATE:  Thank you Greg for getting me started on this new fitness journey.  I love every second, well...I love every day that I finish another workout.  Thanks to you, I've been able to share this experience with my own son. they come.


Krist Voiles said...

Awwww...awesome post! You're making ME tear up! Yeah, I really am a creampuff at heart. Sure, I can kick ass with the best of them when it comes to working out, but show me some true human spirit and I'm a puddle. ;)

What a nice tribute to Greg! :)

Rhonda said...

He deserves every bit of it! I think the creampuff inside of us makes us who we are and why we are so passionate about what we do!

Lula Lola said...

This is a great post! I really hope that I find similar feelings coming from my boys about each other one of these days! Y'all are really lucky to have a great relationship!

getbusyliving said...

Thanks Sis!! I was blown away when I read it. You are a true inspiration as well!!!

Cheers to feeling well and living life :-)

Rhonda said...

LL, from the stories I've read about your beautiful boys, you have nothing to worry about. Your boys are special and are going places!
Thanks for the kind words!

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