Saturday, May 1, 2010

Fit Test #1

If I set a goal, I'm going to do it and I'm going to do it right.  Today was the first day of Insanity.  It's more than just the workout, it's the diet as well.  I would say that I eat very well, but I'm not always conscious of the calories I'm putting into my body.  I've never been one to journal my food entries, but for the next nine weeks I will.  I feel what we eat is just as important as the workout and in many cases, even more important. 

I'm not making any drastic changes, but will make a very honest effort at sticking to my calorie count for the day.  That includes eating five times a day following the awesome suggestions for each meal from the Insanity Diet Plan.  Sounds drastic?  Not so much. I would NEVER go "on a diet".  This nutrition plan is about real food and real meals.  I'm not neglecting myself of anything. 

I'm so proud of Keelan for his efforts today.  He's a champ.  I could tell it was MUCH more than he expected, but I know he doesn't want to disappoint me.  He stopped drinking sodas and for him, that is huge.  I cannot wait to see the changes that are going to evolve in him.

Now that the fit test is over, the nerves are gone, the ego is checked and I'm ready to work really hard.  Like Kanye says..."N- n- now th- that don't kill me, can only make me stronger". 

I made this video today.  Editing is not great, but I'm tired.  Forgive me.  Videographer is my other son, Jackson.  What a cutie pie!  He was so concerned for me.  My results? Well, not too bad, surprised myself on some, humbled myself on others.  The last two parts of the fit test did not make the video since Mr. Jackson got tired and forgot to pan down.  Give the kid a break...he's 6!


getbusyliving said...

Love the "diet" mentality. Diet always refers to being miserable and not eating. Lifestyle is choosing good healthy foods! :-) Great video too.

debs2107 said...

Jackson is just the cutest :P

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