Friday, April 30, 2010


If you think I'm talking about my Best Friend, you are sadly mistaken. You see today I did what I've needed to do for a long time, but have been avoiding.  I tested my Body Fat with one of those old school looking calipers; the kind I haven't seen since those dreaded PE days in elementary school.  Being the fat kid in school was not pleasant and so the mere thought of bringing that thing back into my life scares and intimidates me.  But in order to progress, I need to see some real numbers.

These things are tricky and getting just right measurement requires some practice, especially if you measure a number you don't want to see, you keep measuring and measuring and measuring until well...crap!  You can't cheat.  The numbers don't lie.  I have to say, though I'm on the borderline of lean to ideal, which SHOULD make me happy, when I see the raw percentage, I immediately am pissed!  Especially when a man who measures the same number is eight percent lower!!  And if that isn't enough, according to the chart, because of my ripe ol' age of 35, I automatically default to having a higher body fat percentage.  I'm starting to realize this caliper will NEVER be my BFF.  Thank goodness my birthday isn't until November because when I fall into a new category and I am rewarded with a .06 increase in body fat.  Happy Birthday to me!

I think this exercise in BF analysis has been extremely humbling for me and is exactly the lesson I need the night before I start Insanity!  I don't want to be complacent with my life.  I always want to progress and always want to keep settting goals and achieving them.  I've never been so scared to start any new workout.  I'm more intimidated than 105 degree yoga room I've entered hundreds of times and more afraid than hitting the wall at Mile 20 of a marathon.  I can't shake this and so I know the only thing I can do to overcome this fear is to face it, head on and kill it!  I'm ready.
You've already rattled me my dear BF.  But that's ok.  I still love you but I think it's time I see a little less of you.  I know you'll never leave me and I couldn't live without you.  I may not see as much of you these next couple months and that's just fine with me.   I know you can come back into my life at any time and therefore I'll check in from time to time, just to see we're still good.

INSANITY UPDATE:  Tomorrow is the day!!  My brother found this incredible video and I want to share.  If this doesn't inspire you, I'm not sure what will.  I can only hope to do the same!

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accountclosure said...

Rhonda!!! You are sooooo awesome. I CANNOT WAIT to hear more about your progress with this!! So exciting! I'll definitely be checking back often to see how you're coming along :) Just make sure you have a great set of cross trainers. I use Asics and haven't had ANY problems.

You're so right - it's NEVER 2 Layt!!!

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