Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Buns of Steel

I don't think I've ever been this excited to embark on a new workout. This is crazy! What's really exciting is that Keelan, my son, is just as enthusiastic as I am about it. I'm used to the normal teenage response of "huh" for just about everything. "Look, we just won $1 million!" "Did you do your homework?" Same Napoleon Dynamite response of "huh" every time. But this is different. I know he's serious and I couldn't be more happy and proud.

Start date is May 1st - our first fit test. I decided to give Keelan a little sample of what's ahead and on my first switch kick, I swear I pulled a hammy. Well, not really, but I guess that's why a warm up is essential and what I get for being a little cocky. I know he's going to do great and I'm secretly scared he's going to kick my butt, but I know he'll be a great motivator and accountability partner.

Who would have thought I'd be so motivated by home DVDs? I still remember the days in my college dorm room faithfully doing my Buns of Steel VHS tapes.   Then I discovered the gym, then spin class, then running, and more running and Bikram yoga. I still love all of this, but it's time to go back to where I started and get buns of steel rather than watch some guy in ridiculous blue spandex telling me "...we're making beautiful legs today..."

Insanity Update: 3 days and counting until my first fit test. Get a partner, make a plan. Let's do this together!

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