Thursday, April 15, 2010


It's amazing the freedom you get from setting concrete goals.  Allowing yourself the right to do what you want.  It's an empowering feeling!  And when you feel empowered, that's when things happen.  We often hear how things happen for a reason and if we're fortunate, we can learn and understand why things happen, as good or bad as they may be at the time.

As silly as this sounds, about a month ago, a chipped front tooth was a devastating feeling.  Teeth are important to me so getting it fixed was essential.  I'd contemplated veneers for years, but other things, more important things, always took precendence over a pretty smile I'd always wanted.  Sometimes, in order for things to happen, something has to happen to us.  Within a day, I was lying in the dentist's chair and made the decision I'd contemplated for years in a matter of minutes.  I'm happy to say, my smile is back, literally and figuratively.

Just like a chipped tooth, our intentions and everything we long to be are waiting for us to take action. Will you wait for years, stuck doing the things you don't enjoy when you could have spent that time watching your kids grow older, taking a vacation you've always dreamed of taking or earning a living by following your dreams?  I'm taking action now.  I'm not waiting to chip another tooth.

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