Sunday, April 25, 2010

Hidden Treasures

My office / creative space is about 80% complete!  What a huge difference the zen nature of the room does for my motivation and creativity.  I decided a few weeks ago to transform our loft into an achievements room / office.  For eight years, I had a loft with four white walls, a crappy workstation, cords running haphazardly around the room and enough dust to add 10 lbs of unnecessary clutter to my creativity.

So many of us do things that create captive memories yet we tuck away these moments in boxes in the back of our closets only to be reminded of them when we move or take the time to clean.  Recently, I wrote down a list of the numerous races I've been in and much to my surprise, my list was well over 20 races including three marathons and seven half marathons.  Yet, other than a framed gift from my husband from my first three major races I had run, nothing in our home represented who I am or what my passion is.

So last weekend we spent the weekend at Ikea and setting up my office space and today, I painted the room an orangey yellow to complement the black office furniture to create a very zen feel.  I love it. 

I surrounded my desk with things that make me favorite picture of my husband and I...

my favorites books, an award Ced had made for me when I did a 60-day Bikram yoga challenge.... 

and of course..a pretty orchid.
My first task was to find all the race bibs I'd earned over the years because I not only want this room to motivate me, but to reflect who I am. I knew I didn't throw any away and sure enough, after much digging, I found every single one of them and displayed them on the wall. The mostly blue bottom left corner is all the Turkey trots I've run - 2002 - 2009, including the year I was pregnant with Jackson!

Another really important element I wanted to bring into this space was a collection of all the race medals I've earned so I bought a pretty vase and displayed them in a bookcase.

I dedicated a wall to Ced's military achievements and though it's not complete, on the wall is huge shadow box he received when he retired from the Air National Guard in 2007.  He's so humble and doesn't think it's necessary to display his achievements, but I feel it's essential, especially the picture he took with Oprah while serving during Hurricane Katrina.
Only a couple more shelves to hang and pictures to display and the room will be complete.

We all have those hidden treasure that we must find tucked away.  They represent who we are and what we believe and are undoubtedly strong motivators for success. Take the time to look through boxes.  What do you see?  What do the things you find reveal about who you are?  Perhaps it's an old picture or a painting you did long ago.  Your hidden treasure could be the start of something really powerful for you.

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