Monday, April 26, 2010

Candid Camera

Have you ever lived a day and  looked over your shoulder to think that somebody must be secretly filming this scene for a practical joke show?  Do you ever feel that one day someone will come rushing towards you with a camera and microphone and tell you that the joke is on you?  I sometimes wish that were the case. 

I'm learning that life is what we make of it.   When you allow people to steal your peace, you give them permission to control your feelings, your thoughts, your goals.  I call them 'haters'.  You may call them your boss, jealous people, the crazy PTA moms in the school parking lot.  Whatever name you choose to call them, make them be a daily reminder that we are in sole and complete control of our own responsibilities when it comes to living your best life.  You can succumb to others' laziness or lack of passion, but you're not giving on them, you are only giving up on yourself.  The universe eventually catches up to those who talk much and show little.

Whatever you do, give it your best effort.  You'll be proud in the end.  If today is the start of a new workout plan, do what you can and honor yourself for that rather placing judgement on what you could not do.  It takes honest effort and a practical plan.   With a little positive determination, only you will be responsible for making the changes you've been wanting.  No more excuses, no more 'hating'.  Let's get moving!

INSANITY UPDATE:  One more week until I start Insanity.  I simply cannot wait.  Won't you join me in my journey?  Get a have one week!

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