Thursday, April 29, 2010


Ever have someone ask you, "tell me about yourself?"  Do you describe yourself with a title, the role you play, or with a series of adjectives?  Perhaps you answer with a overly exaggerated truth.  For instance, my title would be wife, a mother, etc.  I play the role of nurturer at home.  My husband plays disciplinarian.  I'm extremely sensitive, shy at times, outgoing at others.  I'm passionate, loving, moody, impatient, caring and genuine.  All of which could be assets to my personality, but often a hindrance.  I have a hard time holding back my true feelings, tend to be very opinionated and I am passionate about spreading the word of healthy lifestyles. 

When I look in the mirror, I often do not see the reflection that others see.  It has been a long...(a very long) process to see who is staring back at me.  I can often be critical of superficial flaws and am often blinded by the beauty others may see.  But this I know.  In order to tell others about who you are, you must dig deep into the surface of your soul.  What truly makes you happy?  What are you core values?  What is it that you want in life?  When you begin to see the truth in yourself, you will begin to see the true reflection in the mirror.

So tell me about yourself? Think about it? Write it down. If you find yourself with negative thoughts about who you are and where you are today, try describing who you aspire to me? A better mother, a more compassionate wife? Are you the listener, the talker, the loyal friend? Does the way you describe yourself reflect your true identity? If not, when will you start living the life you are intended to live?

INSANITY UPDATE:  Tomorrow is a day of rest and then the Insanity begins!  Dig Dig!  Shaun T, you might break me, but I won't fail you.  Quitting is not an option!

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