Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mind games

Each morning I set my alarm for 4:30 a.m.  I rarely get up then, but waking up that early for me is a process.  Morning workouts are what work for me and therefore, I use whatever I can muster in my head to make the process of head to pillow to feet on the floor as easy of a transition as possible.  I've been through this enough to know that if I decide to skip, the guilt I'll put myself through the rest of the day is undoubtedly much worse than the joy of an extra hour of sleep I'll get.  I also find that whenever I give myself  'the option' of getting up to work out in the morning before I go to bed, that I will always choose the 'screw it' option in the morning.  Instead I always lay out my workout clothes before I go to bed and always plan to get up early. I can allow myself to make that decision in the morning.  If it's a planned day off, I usually reward myself with a night of senseless TMZ or I get a little crazy and sometimes stay up until 11:00! Scandalous!

The radio sounds and mind games begin.  It's inevitable, even after many years of doing this, I still HATE to get up early.  After several snoozes and bribing myself with a bowl of Soy Delicious ice cream later if I get up, I somehow manage to get up.  It's truly amazing that the hardest part is over.  Getting up is by far the hardest!  Once that happens, I'm ready and before I know it, my workout is complete and day can begin. 

Perhaps the morning isn't for you, but it's the safest choice.  Happy hours aren't usually planned at 5:00 a.m. and deadlines are rarely set for the morning.  What will be your motivation to get out of bed?  Your husband's annoying clicking noise (sorry Ced), running to the light of the full moon (did that this morning) a treat at Starbucks for your efforts, not having to dodge 250-lb meat heads at the gym?  Whatever it is, find it and take advantage of it!

INSANITY Update:  Saturday is the day!  May 1st!  A new month, a new program, a new beginning.  Can't wait to see where I can go in 9 weeks!

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