Friday, April 23, 2010


The Fox 4 consumer reporter has not returned my call after our initial conversation on Monday.  Though I'm a bit disappointed, I would only consider this a minor disappointment.  It's not going to stop be from charting my progress through Insanity, nor will it prevent me from motivating others.  I will just have to do it myself.

Setting goals for yourself and working towards achieving them will always be filled with setbacks.  If it means anything to you, there will always be obstacles.  A stressful week at work may cause you to reorganize your personal schedule, but do not allow it to set you back from the progress you've already made.  Instead of giving up and inhaling really bad Mexico food and chugging 500 calorie margaritas, try sweating out the stress.  And...ok...maybe a glass of wine afterwards...or two depending on how bad the week was.  Why not channel your negative energy into doing something positive for yourself instead of bad-talking your co-workers or the lady in the express lane with 18 items in front of you.  Use it as motivation for you to stay on task and to work towards your goals.

Perhaps the news station is not coming to my house to profile my progress so I bought a tri-pod for my camera.  I can and will do this myself.  My week at work was filled with a lot of stress and anxiety, but I had very significant progress on my runs at the track.  I didn't let the challenges stop me from progress.  The best part?  I made it through the week, albeit stressful, with small personal successes.  And for that, this glass of wine I'm drinking is simply delightful!

INSANITY UPDATE:   I'm so eager to start this program.  I watched the first DVD which is the fit test.  I got a little nervous watching it.  It's intense.  Goal for this upcoming week is to get my menus and meals planned.  Just a little over a week until Keelan and I start.  Anxious, eager..and scurrrred!

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