Monday, May 3, 2010


My husband is retired from the military so his live and die mottos are Prepare for the Worst, but Hope for the Best and Prepare for the Unexpected. Though I have much admiration for his approach to everything he does, my motto tends to be a little more on the side of Hope for the Best and if the Worst Happens, Cry a little (or a lot) and then Do Something About It. It's quite obvious, he thinks very rationally, I think very emotionally. Shocker, he's a man. I'm a woman.

Day three of Insanity is complete and I'm happy to say my motto is working quite nicely. I can't help but think about where we'll be in nine weeks, so I'm really hoping for the best and I would consider those power jumps to be probably the worst physical exercise I've endured. I haven't cried yet, but if shouting expletives equals tears, then I would say I've cried (a little). I LOVE the fact that the videos show exactly how much time is remaining in the interval. Being able to see that I just have a short time left to suffer thought the pain, I know that I can do something about it. Or as Shaun T said, "JUST FRIGGIN' DO IT".

I know that I can always get through the physical part of the workout especially now that I know what to expect. The mental anticipation kills me and screws badly with my mind. However, I think the hardest part overall is the eating. No, eating is not hard. That has never been and never will be problem. It's counting the calories. It really makes you so aware of all the little extras we sneak in here and there throughout the day. It's all about preparation. Though I feel like I'm eating so much more than I was before, I'm soon realizing with the intensity of the workouts, I may need to up my calories with more quality.

Attached is Day One of my old school diet journal.  I would never do this for an extended time and as a friend inquired today "six almonds, really?"  For now, "yes, really." 

I guess Ced's motto does work for me after all. Preparing for the unexpected! It's hard to imagine me driving through Whataburger (God forbid) at lunch because I didn't take the time to plan my meals.  But when I get really hungry, only he can tell you how lovely I become.  But I wouldn't let that happen.  I've prepared myself for the worst of this workout with efficient meal planning.  I know, not hope, the best results will happen!


accountclosure said...

Rhonda, you totally GET IT!! Being conscious of EXACTLY what you put in your mouth is 70-80% of your results with these beachbody programs. The discipline that you have is going to be KEY in your results.

Oh and the crying? I cried with actual tears when month 2 rolled around. It was a good thing that i had a mirror the room because my reflection was what kept me going. I knew that the guy in the reflection was BUSTING HIS A$$ for ME. He loved me so much that he was willing to endure all of this pain..

I can't WAIT to see your results!!

Krist Voiles said...

Rhonda, your comments about Insanity are probably right on par with how most folks feel when they do the program. I know that's very much how I felt when I started it! The workouts are so difficult that you almost wonder whether you'll make it through the 60 days and almost dread certain workouts in the series! LOL! Definitely make sure you are getting enough calories each day, especially if you're doing additional workouts (which seems to be the case). As long as you're eating the right stuff, more food is an okay thing. ;)

Rhonda said...

You guys are awesome! Thanks for the support! I love it. I love the fear and I love knowing where it's going to get me!

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