Saturday, May 15, 2010

Effort Produces Results

Today was another benchmark for Keelan and I.  Time again for our fit test.  For those unaware, this test involves eight separate exercises, each done for one minute.  Do as many repetitions as you possibly can for 60 seconds, or until you want to drop.

When we began Insanity was two weeks ago, I would like to think I had a pretty solid cardio base, but Keelan was not what I consider in the best cardio health.  Being skinny does not equal being in shape.  He liked to claim that being on the swim team TWO YEARS AGO and and being in marching band DURING THE FALL would have him in tip top shape.  He learned VERY quickly that getting into shape is difficult.  Getting out of shape is quick and easy.  That is the part that stinks!

I'm proud to say we both improved on every single exercise.  Well, except for the switch jacks for me.  I was down five.  Not sure if I counted wrong the first time or what, but I think I just have to admit, I didn't do as well there.  Keelan, as I had expected, pretty much blew away his Fit Test #1 results.  My best results were in the strength category.  This is where I needed to improve and I am so happy to say that I have.


The numbers do NOT lie!  Look at the improvement in two weeks!  I hate those power jumps with a passion, but it was my greatest improvement.  Keelan was so proud of his results and I couldn't be more excited for his enthusiasm! 

I have a STRONG suspicion he'll be passing my numbers quickly and as much of a competitive person that I am, I would love for him to blow my numbers away.

Stay strong!  Stay motivated!  Effort Produces Results!


getbusyliving said...

Nice improvements!!

Shawna said...

I just found your blog from BlogFrog - great improvements! My son's name is Keelin, so I thought that was funny. I look forward to reading more of your journey!

accountclosure said...

awesome progress!!! keep it up :)

Krist Voiles said...

Awesome progress from both of you! I'm really impressed with your Test 2 numbers. Like I said before you started, I think you're going to blow my numbers out of the water. You're already well on your way to doing that, and you still have several weeks left! You're going to be amazed at how far you've come by the end of the program. :)

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