Thursday, May 20, 2010


I'm sitting in a hotel room in Anaheim overlooking the "Happiest Place on Earth", enjoying a break from the Texas heat, and adjusting to a slight shift to my schedule.   

It's really hard to stick to a steadfast schedule when I'm away from my normal routine.  Although, I have to say, I've done well.  I have all my oatmeal, protein bars and almonds with me.  I hesitated to bring my ziplock full of vanilla protein powder since I was thinking airport security might suspect it something different, but a simple taste test would clear me and I packed it nonetheless.

Other than eating a really LATE dinner, I haven't faltered.  Well, okay...I did have a glass of wine, but I deserved it.  I worked a long day.  The secret is having a plan and preparedness.  Without this, it's easy to falter and give in to the temptations of Hotel Room Service and $6 water, but my power 'packed' snacks have saved me from straying.

I also adjusted my Insanity workouts so that Keelan could keep on track with his while I'm away.  Tomorrow I'll be doing my recovery workout in my hotel room, versus the Plyometric Cardio Circuit that would be sure to upset my neighbors on the 11th floor.  No matter how hard I try to land softly on my power jumps, I would be sure to cause a mild 1.0 Earthquake.  I might be able to get away with it in Cali, but my conscious suits me better!

When life give you a shift in schedule, there is no need to take a break!  Make an adjustment and make it happen...even if it costs you $14.95 to use the Hotel gym.  Good thing I have Insanity DVDs!

Peace out!


Krist Voiles said...

I pack protein powder, bars and nuts every time I have to make a business trip too! I also bring my yoga mat an block for my Sunday stretching session (my trips always span a weekend). It means I have to bring the bigger suitcase, but I don't mind! ;)

Rhonda said...

Glad to know! It helps so much to not give into temptation!

Krist Voiles said...

Oh, and Subway has been a life saver for me for lunches while on the road. When you want a clean, healthy meal, it's hard to beat a Subway salad with oven roasted chicken breast and vinegar/oil dressing!

Rhonda said...

Good to know! I pretty much stuck to turkey sandwiches on whole grain bread with avocados. EVERYTHING in Cali has Avocados!

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