Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Tomboy that Loves Pink!

I grew up a tomboy.  I hated dolls, the color pink, wearing dresses and combing my hair.  Instead of taking ballet lessons, I traded baseball cards with my older brother.  While my friends worried over their Cabbage Patch doll names and Strawberry Shortcake accessories, I worried whether the Dallas Cowboys would make the playoffs.   

My earliest memories are sitting on my Dad's lap every Sunday watching football. We loved to watch the Cowboys and I could probably name the players by name and number.

Ironically, I wasn't all.  In fact, quite chubby and awkward.  I dreaded the day we had to run a mile during  PE class.  I hatedHATED running.  I wanted to like it, but I was insecure about my weight and too shy to do anything about it. 
But I loved sports.  I loved watching sports whether it be professional, college or high school.  It made me happy.  Most young girls today have posters of The Jonas Brothers or Robert Pattinson hanging in their rooms and lockers.  Mine were plastered with Michael Jordan, John Elway, Andre Agassi and just about any sports hero that I closely followed.  
I recorded stats while watching Cubs' baseball games and can recall watching an entire NFL draft at age 12.  I still have a hard time believing I once was that person.
I still LOVE sports but am happy to say that I've come out of that insecure shell and focus now on my own athleticism and health.  I'm definitely a product of my childhood but can now happily say I learned to control my weight through a healthy diet and exercise, I gained the confidence I lacked and yes, I LOVE the color pink!
So, it's no surprise to me that I was destined to have boys as my children.  My youngest, Jackson shares the love of sports I did as a child, but with the confidence I have as an adult. 
It brought me almost as much joy to see him at his first Cowboys' game.  I could feel his enthusiasm just as I would have experienced as a young girl.

We watch the games together like I did with my Dad.  Although he prefers to act out the game rather than sit in my lap!

Unlike me as child, he's not shy.  He loves a challenge.  He laughs when he makes a mistake and is not afraid to try something new.

I can remember being so inspired watching the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics.  I wanted to run like Carl Lewis and do back flips like Mary Lou Retton.  Jackson shared my enthusiasm during the 2008 Beijing Olympics.  A kid who is deathly afraid of water getting in his face, took the plunge after Micheal Phelps' awe-inspiring performance!

Today I'm a goal-oriented woman.  I love setting goals and taking steps to achieve them.  Jackson may just be a white belt, but he's determined to earn his black belt in Tae Kwon Do. With his Daddy as his instructor, it makes me laugh when Jackson coordinates the practice schedule and is very serious about sticking to it.  I wonder where he gets that?

Although his childhood is more of a reflection of my personality as an adult, it never gets old to see my child share my same passions.  He loves to watch me do my Insanity workouts and will beg to jump around with me.  He motivates me to keep going and is truly my inspiration.  I love that he is not only a part of me, but a true reflection of who I was and what I strive to be.

Thanks to Mama Kat for the assignment and inspiration to write.
Mama's Losin' It


Karo said...

I so admire runners. I've always thought it must feel so freeing...unfortunately I am in NO shape to run, though I'd like to be. Folks like you inspire me to get off my hiney. ;) Great post! (Visiting via Mama Kat)

Rhonda said...

You're right! It is my peace! Remember that it's never too late to get healthy! Thanks for stopping by!

Liz said...

First of all, he is ADORABLE! Second, I don't know how I ended up with 2 girls! I identify so much with what you wrote.

His posing like he's ready to dive in is tooooo much! And your header, with all those images, just makes me want to head to Zumba followed by sushi!

Rhonda said...

I'm still a boy at heart but now I just enjoy wearing make up!
Jackson is cute, but his personality makes him so adorable!
I am your subliminal motivation!!

Karen, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry" said...

I was a Tomboy too and taped baseball cards to my bedroom wall. I used to watch ballgames, tennis, golf, the Olympics and football with my mom. Such a cute post--love the pictures too! Great job on this prompt!

Visiting from Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop.

Lula Lola said...

Great post! That's what our kids are, the best of us! He's a cutey! Love the picture in the stadium and his pose on the starting blocks! So cute!

Tracita Linda (Tracey) said...

He is too cute! What a beautiful family.

I saw the Insanity infomercial late one night...I laughed at it. Now I may even consider it.

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