Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Dear Shaun T...

Mama Kat's assignment this week.

Mama's Losin' It

Write a list of 10 things that are sure to put a smile on your face when you are not happy.

Dear Shaun T,

Today is officially my last day of the Insanity 63-Day Challenge.  The weeks have swiftly passed as my body has slowly transformed.  I was hopeful for change, yet expected little.  I stayed cautiously optimistic, but remained realistic about the results I would actually have.

Who knew that I would become the testimony that motivated me to start?  What was it that made the difference?  How was I able to have the success I did? 

Being "in it" did not make me happy.  I often cursed the TV when you would make me do those dreaded Power Jumps for one full minute.  You made me so furious when you would take a break but would expect me to keep digging deep.  I was not amused by your "it's not a coffee break" comment when I was allowed a mere 30-second recovery. 

You did not make me happy Shaun T when you made me do all those crazy push-ups and the running floor drills, or diamond jumps.  I wanted to punch you in the face sometimes, but alas...I had no more energy.  In fact, you made me cry a couple times after completing the last interval of Max Interval Circuit.  You completely broke me.  Sometimes I wish I could have dunked your head in my pool of sweat and tears.

But then I would finish.  I had all this energy.  I started to realize that you weren't trying to make me unhappy, you were making me better.  Like Kanye says..."N- n- now th- that don't kill me, can only make me stronger!"

For all that pain I endured for holding a plie squat for five minutes, the anger I felt every time you stared right into my eyes and said, "You Can Do It", and the dread I experienced when I popped in that DVD, I am so grateful for even more.

Today I'm smiling not because I completed the challenge, but because you made want to complete another round.  I realize without you pushing me and making me so incredibly unhappy sometimes, I wouldn't be able to experience:
  • the confidence to pursue my dream to motivate others
  • the satisfaction of setting a goal and achieving it...successfully
  • the joy of fitting into everything in my closet
  • the pleasure of running again in a sports bra sans the **rollage
  • the passion for my own health and well-being
  • the love for really healthy food
  • the tenacity to push myself a little more each day
  • the commitment to journal every meal, snack and handful I've eaten in the past two months
  • the dedication to lead by example
  • the willingness to become humbled
Motivation Mama

p.s.  I'll be sending my before and after pics soon!


getbusyliving said...

So cool on how much progress that you made. Going into Insanity you were in great shape already. Really shows you how hard work and determination can take you to different levels of accomplishing your goals. Very proud of you. Sky is the limit!

Liz said...

Wow! It sounds like you were transformed in so many ways BEYOND just physically! I'm curious to hear more.

Have a great weekend!

Lula Lola said...

I am always so impressed by you. Today, I'm feeling every one of my 39 and a half years. And it isn't pretty. Each time I come to your site, I want to do better!

Rhonda said...

Oh my gosh! Thanks for all your kind words! I work so hard to be an example to motivate others. Local news station in Dallas is doing a short story on my Insanity journey. Can't wait to share!

Brad said...

Nice work. I also have had choice words for Shaun T. Even more of them when the Max workouts started.

Nikki King said...

So I know this is old and I found you by some random sequence of searches and links and whatnot...but I have to say this is awesome. I'm more than halfway through 47 to be exact and I can totally relate. I'm constantly making snarky comments to Shaun T when I'm dripping sweat and about to collapse on the floor. But I always feel a rush of pride when I finish. Thanks for making me feel normal!! =]

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