Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Kristal's Journey - Part 1

Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting Kristal.  She has the sweetest spirit, the kindest soul and the coolest hair I could only dream to have!  She originally met me by becoming a member of my online fit club and told me about her desire to get back into shape.  I believed so much in her that we decided to blog about her progress and her journey to get back to her desired weight.

I'll post about her monthly and let you know how she is doing!  I'm rooting for her and I hope she'll inspire you as well.

What is your goal size or weight?
My goal size is a 10. I want to get there and see how happy I'll really be. I was there before and I wanted to be smaller, but now...if only!

A goal weight would be around 144. I was stable there before. But if I work out and start building muscle or something that causes my weight to be higher than that and still achieve the overall look I want, that's perfectly fine with me.

What is your workout plan?
At this time, I work out three days per week minimum. My scheduled planned workout currently is Beachbody's Yoga Booty Ballet. I have the DVDs and I loosely follow the calendar that is included with the workouts.

I get a workout as a daycare provider.  Carrying around infants all day to replace weights is great strength training.  Taking extra time to 'squat' to pick them up or to clean up can be a great workout.   I also enjoy walking/running with my husband.

What makes you feel good?
I love it when you feel your body changing and when you can feel your muscles tightening when you do normal daily activities.

When are you most comfortable?
When I feel good!

How will you create accountability for yourself and who will hold you accountable to your goals?
Well first of all, I have to thank Rhonda for allowing me to be accountable to her! (I told you she is so sweet!)

I have to have a big, consistently visual calendar to mark off when I actually work out. I realize that just saying I'll work out three days a week could change.  For instance, Sunday could be the beginning of a week or the catch up day of another week.

How will you reward yourself for small achievements?
I really don't know. I think that I'll get more things that I feel I need in order to work out. For example, I don't have an MP3 player. So if I work out consistently for two months, then I'll get one because I know I'll use it.  BUT, I'll have to have do a workout that will need music, so running here I come!

I'm also telling a few family and friends and they are going to be looking at me up and down. I really want to be a good role model though, and let them know that they can do it without drugs and starvation!

What is your first goal?
To work out three times a week for two months!

What is your nutrition plan?
I really believe that I can eat and still lose weight by eating completely organic and healthy. I'm trying to stay away from serious calorie counting, fat free foods and diet pills. I want my body to do the work. If I do the work, I'll appreciate it more.

I couldn't agree with you more Kristal!


Unknown said...

I wish her all the best! It really is mind over matter

Anonymous said...

Best wishes! You can do it! Great inspiration.... keep us posted! ~Take Care

bubbables said...

"She has the sweetest spirit, the kindest soul and the coolest hair I could only dream to have!"

I more than agree and I've known her a really long time! She is also a wonderful inspiration. Way to go Sister! We're pulling for you up in Philly. Woohooooo!!!!

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