Sunday, August 8, 2010

You Inspire Me - Week 2

I watched three full hours of NFL Hall of Fame speeches last night.  Yep, I love football, but I also love to get inspired and motivated.  A couple speeches were so-so, a few were okay, but the last two were powerful.  Both were filled with stories of football memories, but they were more about teaching lessons about how to be successful in life.

But my inspiration this week is not a NFL hero.  It's about an ordinary woman whom I've never met.  An ordinary woman that has to do extraordinary things to live a normal life.

Today's Inspiration: Army Blogger Wife, a.k.a. ABW

I've been fortunate to come across ABW's blog over the past few months through a mutual friend.  She writes about coping with being the wife of a soldier, while raising their three children.  Her husband has just been deployed for his fourth tour - this time to Afghanistan, for a year.

Fourth Tour.  Afghanistan.  For a Year.  I Cannot Comprehend.

ABW inspires me because she not only has to play the role of mother and supportive wife, but for the next year has to keep a sense of normalcy for her children, while her husband is serving his county on the other side of the world.
On top of all the everyday tasks she must take on by herself, she must find strength in herself to be a strong mother for her children.   There's no 'Go ask Daddy' diversions when she doesn't have the courage to say no.  There's no 'Honey, I need a girl's night out' demands when she's had a stressful day.  No husband to open the pickle jar or to rub her feet at night.

My husband has always taught me to prepare for the worst, but to always hope for the best.  That phrase means so much more to the wife of a soldier.  In this recent post, she describes an absolute heart-wrenching scene at at deployment briefing for family.  ABW's 9-year old daughter got up in front of a group of hundreds of people to ask, "Is my daddy going to come home?"  Can you even imagine having the emotional strength as well to comfort your children?

I don't know ABW.  I've never met her.  Yet, every night before I fall asleep, I find myself thinking about her.  I pray that her family copes well over the next year.  I hope that ABW will have the strength and courage to be the strong presence for her children while Daddy is away.  I want her to have friends around to help her and support her.  I anticipate a safe return of her husband so that she can have the 'normal' life that I have.

My husband served 20 years in the military in the Air National Guard. He was only on active duty twice. Once he stayed at the base...and came home EVERY night.  The other time was a 2-week 'tour' to New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina. Both of those times were hard for me, but I knew it wouldn't last long and I knew he was on American soil. It was only a matter of time before I was able to smell and touch him again.  

I'm sure anyone who has spent time away from someone they love will always speak about the little day to day things that many of us take for granted.  So today if you find yourself complaining about your husband's quirks, think about ABW.  Think about not having those little quirks that drive you crazy and how much you would miss them if he wasn't around.  Appreciate the moment.  Cherish the times.  Think about what others endure for us.


Sherri said...

Wow, great post. I will go and check out her blog. I think we all get caught up in our own little lives, not always remembering what others are doing for our country. It's not just the hubby who is's that whole family left to tend the home front.

DB said...

As the "mutual friend" you mentioned, I feel lucky to have two great friends with two great, though different, motivational websites. Luckily ABW does have friends and support, including myself, who is with her this week to finish getting unpacked and organized. Speaking to your blog post itself, the most inspirational thing I take from ABW's "situation" is that though it's difficult and she misses her husband for various reasons, you don't hear her, her family or her husband complaining. Well, maybe there's a little complaining about him being gone, but never "why" he's gone.

jillconyers said...

I didn't watch football this weekend but I did watch the US Swimming Championships

Truly inspiring!

As a Marine wife for 11 years I totally get your "Today's Inspiration". It's not an easy life. I was fortunate that my husband's longest deployment was 9 months. He is no longer active duty and while there are some things I miss about the military I do not miss the separations. Great post.

Tracy said...

A very strong lady and a very brave Husband! Thanks for the post! You sometimes forget why we are "free" in this country.... Thanks so much!

ABW said...

Thanks so much for such a nice post! I haven't heard from Chris since he left, so I am assuming he made it into Afghanistan safe and sound. No news is good news, right?

The one with the View said...

ABW, No News is ALWAYS good News! I know you know that, but its reassuring to hear sometimes. I've had to remind myself of that many times through the 17 years I've stood next to my Soldier. He currently is also in Afghanistan. God Speed to him, hugs to you and your family.

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