Thursday, August 5, 2010

De-Stressing the Stress

Today's healthy food recipe is inspired by A Stressful Day.

A kid-friendly seafood restaurant
A VERY understanding husband or friend
A crappy camera phone to document your experience

Begin by ordering FANCY pre-dinner drinks.

A beer for your husband...

 ...a dragonfly mojito (in a classy beer mug)* for yourself.

While enjoying drinks and adult conversation, distract child with crayons and Star Wars Legos.

Savor every last calorie and bite of cedar plank salmon with shrimp and broccoli.

When finished, top off the night with a delicious soy chai from Starbucks.

Stress levels should wane within a few hours.

*feel free to substitute wine, gin, vodka or really any alcoholic beverage in place of mojito


Sherri said...

I love your labels for this post....they say it all! I will have to try your recipe..

DB said...

That salmon (and everything on top of it) look delish. I'd substitute a bottle of wine.

Amy J said...

I try a similar recipe a few times a week! And can I substitute Diet Pepsi? ; )

mdforkids said...

Oh yeah, that would do it. Stress relieved.

jillconyers said...

Sounds like the perfect remedy for stress :)

ABW said...

I'd take wine, but I do like a good mojito. The salmon looks delicious!

Lula Lola said...

My husband rolled in last night, this sounds like a perfect evening. And that salmon looked great!
Another question. How does a dragonfly mojito differ from a regular one? I'm a mojito fan. And inquiring minds want to know!

Tell Me Something Good said...

That was the prefect way to end the day. Dinner looked delicious. It's cracking me up that the beer came in a goblet but the mojito came in a beer mug. LOL.

Stop by the blog if you can. We're celebrating memories.

cathy said...

So... after this week, how many mojito's will it take to de-stress????

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