Saturday, August 14, 2010

Mother Knows Best

It's Hot.  It's really HOT!  Factor in a WHOLE lot of humidity and you have all the fixings for me to be one tired runner.

I just checked the forecast and there really is no reprieve in site. Instead, today is the 15th day in a row with temps over 100 degrees.

Our local meteorologist just assured me that there is a cold front coming along next week and by the looks of this, I just better break out the parka and thermal socks! Hallelujah!!

In meteorology terms, 'cold front' is code for 'a bunch of malarky!'

There's no telling the negotiating I'd be willing to do with Ms. Mother Nature if I could just get one day of some cool relief.

"Oh please Ms. Mother Nature, this heat has put me in some very precarious situations", I'd plead with her. 

"You see, earlier this week I wore khaki pants to work, went to lunch and when I returned I had sweat stains in spots that I'd rather not discuss, but let's just say, nothing says professional like a big 'ol sweaty crotch.

Then today, during my long Saturday 14-mile run, someone dumped some ice cubes on the ground, near the dog park, and I didn't even hesitate to pick up a handful that was probably a covered in some kind of fecal matter and shove them down my sports bra for relief."

Mother Nature would blush in embarrassment for me.

"Oh dear! I simply cannot change the course of nature for one individual's convenience", she'd reply.


After being slightly taken aback by my verbal lashes, Mother Nature would simply explain.

"I know this weather is taking it's toll on you and your attitude, but it is only making you stronger.  You're running a marathon in December, right?  All this summer training may be a physical beating right now, but when the time comes for you to run 26.2, you'll be an efficient running machine.  And didn't you say you wanted to qualify for Boston?  No one ever said it's going to be easy."

I would sigh in anguish, wishing she was just feeding me a bunch of malarky.  "Why is she ALWAYS right?"  I'd ask myself.

"Just stick with it, endure the tough runs, get lots of rest and before you know it, I'll be stopping by again to bring you those cooler days," she reminded me.  "But until then, my dear, let's stick to black pants, I can't do anything about that hormonal issue, you'll have to talk to Mother Estrogen for that."

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Sherri said...

That Mother Nature sure has her some attitude, doesn't she?!

Pretty sad when temps in the high 90's start looking cool! Where I am, we have had such an incredibly mild summer I almost feel like it's time to decorate for Christmas!

Lula Lola said...

I can't imagine how hard it must be to run in this heat! I can't wait to see you qualify, I'm pulling for you!
Your writing here was so cute! I loved it! And I had an embarrassing sweat episode the other day. Humiliating!

Tracy said...

Right now it's 68 degrees here in New Hampshire, but with 90% humidity! I don't know what's worse the humidity or the heat! Yuck! Stay Cool!

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