Monday, August 23, 2010

Who Am I?

Today my boys started school.  With the beginning of each year, I go in with the intentions of teaching them so many things and undoubtedly, I will end up learning so much more from them. 

That's my boys, looking handsome as ever for their first day.  I wish I could freeze that moment, but growing
up is fact of life and I'm excited to see what the future has in store for both of them.

Jackson came home today with a small, white paper bag.  His assignment - fill the bag with five things that best represent who he is.  That was easy for him:  a lock of his curly hair, a rock from his collection, drawings of his super heroes, pictures of characters he played in theater camp and a Dallas Cowboys helmet.

I thought it was such a cool task, that I decided to do my own.  Have you ever thought about trying this?  What 'THINGS' represent who you are?  It started out being harder than I anticipated, but once I thought about who I really am, the task was easy. It filled me with joy and made me so grateful for the life I have.

1.  A favorite picture of my family.  Our shadows.  That's us holding hands to represent that we are one strong unit.   I love this photo because it is also very symbolic of a higher power watching over us.


2.  Kale and Almonds.   They are two of my favorite Super Foods that represent my love for healthy food.

3.  My Garmin 305 Trainer - or Apollo as I like to call him.  It represents my love for running and my undying quest to always try to be stronger and faster. 

4.  Yoga pants and tank. Catch me any time at home and that is most  likely what I'll be wearing.  It's when I feel most comfortable in my own skin and who I truly am.

5.  Dallas Cowboys Helmet.  I love LOVE LOVE sports and I simply LOVE the Dallas Cowboys.  With the season just around the corner and the stadium within view from my house, watching them makes me happy.

What would you put in your bag if you had to pick just five things?  I've love to know!


jillconyers said...

I hope the first day back to school went smoothly for all. My kids start back Wed and they are so ready.

5 Who AM I things would be my running shoes, my wedding ring, my camera, my Mac and Alec and Alyssa's scrapbooks. That is who I am.

KLZ said...

I love that photo - did you guys get it done professionally or are you just naturally creative?

Hope the school day, week and year go well.

Booyah's Momma said...

What a cool assignment; sounds like he got a good teacher! We're big football fans over here as well. If I could find a bag big enough to stuff Peyton Manning in, he'd definitely be in there!

Sherri said...

What a cool assignment, and one that we should all try once in a while. Who I am has been on my mind a lot as summer has been winding down.

I love that your "things" are so varied, but really sum you up!

Liz said...

some kind of comfy clothes FOR SURE! other than that, i don't know.

this is our first full week with both in school. but by full week, i mean 2 mornings!

Tracy said...

That is a great question, and assignment for a little guy :) School starts for us tomorrow... ~ Take Care

ABW said...

That is an amazing picture!

I'll have to think on 5 things, I don't really know what makes me up most days. Sad!

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