Monday, August 16, 2010


Today's post was written by my dear friend, confidant and running partner, Jo.  I decided to share it today since it has been one of those blah days for me for many reasons and her encouragement is always a gentle reminder for me to break out of the blah quickly.  Enjoy.  I think you'll see why she is such a special friend to me.

We all have hit that Blah place in our work, family, workouts, finances, study and school – all spheres of life. Life is cyclical, and the Blah fog is expected to hit every now and then. The best thing to do is to manage the Blah as best as we can, and get out of Blahville as quickly as we can. While we cannot control the onset of Blah, or even that Blah moves into your spare bedroom uninvited, continuing to live in the Blah and with the Blah when you have a chance to break free from the Blah – that is the true crime.

I am happily writing today from outside of Blahville. My last visits have been quick – in and out. After I peer outside the window of the bus or the train that got me there, clutching dearly to my belongings, and once I recognize the familiar signs and sights of Blah, I do my best to hightail out of there. In my current station – today, here and now – I enjoy a fairly steady stream of workouts, decent nutrition, rest and hydration – goodies that are not available in any store in Blahville. I give thanks each morning to not wake and find myself in the familiar but dreaded stop of Blah. To keep the Blah blues away, I am grateful for and truly enjoy morning runs with my running family. Whenever I have a moment in my day, I stretch and do some light core exercises, or simply get up from my desk and walk a little. I enjoy frequent Yoga classes that I teach - this especially will get me out of Blahville the fastest – just try serving others and notice how short your stay in Blahville becomes.

If you feel stuck in Blahville, it is not a one-way condemnation. Pound your fist on the ticket counter and demand to be extradited! Run outside with the kids… go for a swim… invite a co-worker for a walk around [your office] building… call a friend and laugh – that burns calories too and improves blood flow and endorphins! Wash the car – meaning actually get out of the car and get wet and sudsy. Whatever you do, whatever you enjoy, make sure the destination is out of and away from the evil city! And when you run out of ideas, briskly walk down to the [your] Wellness Center and see if [they] can’t find some new ideas for you.

I hope you’re not reading this from Blahville. If you are, and if you see the mayor of Blahville, say hi for me. And tell him that I hope it’s a long, long time before I see him again. But my hope is that you don’t stay there long enough to meet the entire city council – that lot will only bring you down.




Natalie said...

I need to get out of Blahville and head to you have the directions on how to get there?! ;)

Booyah's Momma said...

I'm with Natalie... I would love to visit Funville! I hear that's where my motivation went for the summer time.

jillconyers said...

I visited Blahville a week or 2 ago. I stayed longer than usual but have happily returned. Invariably I will visit again and when I do my greatest efforts will be to not drive my husband crazy while I'm there. He is a man who rarely if ever visits Blahville and as hard as he tries it is difficult for him to understand why I keep returning.

OK. Enough with the analogy LOL Timely post Jo.

Tracy said...

I do not like "Blahville", we all have visited it in this house over the past few weeks. It was time to get off that train! Getting ready for Fall is always hard. Especially for the kids, they are nervous and excited for the new school year. Now we are all headed to "Funville"!! and I want us to stay there forever! :) ~ Take Care

Liz said...

since i've been back exercising for a while now, it's a lot easier to get back on the horse after falling off for a week.

Lula Lola said...

I am indeed hanging out in Blahville today! My baby has his first real day of school tomorrow and this mama isn't ready. I'm already having a pity party! I loved this post, I need to start doing something for others, that truly does make me feel better, thanks for the reminder!

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