Monday, June 28, 2010

Four Days to My Sanity!

Today I completed Day 59 of the Insanity 63 Day challenge. Oh please, stop the applause, really. I don't deserve it...yet.

I started this workout on May 1st and though I had no doubt in my mind that I would finish, I really didn't think it would still be this hard. My expectations were that the first couple weeks would be tough, but then I'd get used to it, thus becoming a physical goddess, a SheRhonda with rock hard abs if you will.

Unless my Superwoman powers take over in the next four days, I haven't quite earned SheRhonda status, BUT I have had more successes than I really expected.

I've lost almost ten pounds. My BF has gone down about 3- 4 percent, although I don't really know for sure since I still have no idea how to accurately measure with the old school caliper.

I can wear a pair of pants that have quietly hung in my closet for two years. They felt betrayed by me and I can happily say, I've given them the attention they deserve.

I can do more push ups than I ever would have dreamed of doing. Not the girly kind either. The mean, Rocky "Yo Adrian" type push ups.

I've done crazy, silly-looking football drills, that have caused a stir of laughter from my dear friends. (You know who you are). Laugh if you must, but I feel stronger, quicker and sharper.

My workout clothing drawer is filled with a *plethora* of sports bras and shorts that I now feel comfortable running outdoors in without having to worry about the **rollage associated with the look. And I simply don't care. I've had a child. Any rollage is earned in my opinion!

My goal was not just to improve the physical me. My main objective was to be the example for so many other people who may not think they can do this. I wanted to prove that despite how busy our lives are, our health is vital and taking care of ourselves first is essential.

My hope is that I have inspired many people. Perhaps Insanity is not your thing, but getting healthy starts today. It takes a goal, motivation and the willingness to endure something beyond your comfort zone and the belief in yourself that you can thrive once you get past that threshold!

Thanks to three lovely ladies, a.k.a. The Nerd Mafia for this excellent Word Up, YO idea! I love it!
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**rollage: n. the excess skin that hangs over your shorts, loose
skin remnants.


Sherri said... it! So much more descriptive than muffin-top! Nothing more than a plethora of extra skin, I guess??

I found your blog through the Word Up, YO!

Sherry Olinick said...

What's your next challenge??

The Mayor! said...

Bahahahaha! THAT should be the next word Up Yo! it! And your plethora of sports bras! And good for you, congrats, I'd say you DO deserve the applause!! :-D

Liz said...

I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad you are lacking rollage in your plethora of sports bars and shorts! Ha!

Rhonda said...

This is so funny because I've ALWAYS referred to my 'rollage' as 'rollage'. It describes it perfectly and I would much rather prefer to have rollage any day over the plethora of celluite dimples my *bu-thighs behold!

*Bu-thigh - the hanging skin below the butt that is not quite the thigh, but no longer the butt.

Natalie said...

I.LOVE.Rollage...and I'm waaayyy too familiar with what it is! I call it my "dunlap" as in my belly has dunlapped over my pants :)

60 days is all it takes to get back into pants you haven't been able to wear in 2 years?! I need to think about this some more...all my expensive jeans are still sitting there just waiting for me to get thin again ;)

Snuck plethora right in there, too - awesome!

Lula Lola said...

You are so impressive! I am going to swim some laps today just because I read this, seriously! Thanks for the reminder that my health should be a priority, I do let it slide all too often!

Krist Voiles said...

I can't believe you're nearly done, Rhonda! Where has the time gone?? :)

You've done an amazing job and big kudos to you for sticking with it and seeing it all the way to the finish line. Like Sherry challenge?

Rhonda said...

LL - so glad I motivated you!!

Krist - thinking of just mixing in some Insanity cross training. I just started training again for a marathon in December. What do you suggest?

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