Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My Motivation

Seems like I do a lot of motivating.  But I also have a big motivator. 

Nine years ago today, I married a really wonderful man.  Despite our apparent physical differences and our not so noticeable contrasting personalities, I found a man that motivates me to be a better person.

In the time we have been together, it's hard to count the lessons I've learned and wisdom I've embraced.

When I met Cedric, I was in awe of his presence, the energy he possessed.  Then he walked past me as my batting eyes were fluttering for him.  He didn't even notice.

He was a jerk in my mind for the next five minutes.  Out of nowhere he came and rescued me and forever swooped me off my feet.  I fell in love with him that first night.

Our relationship developed rapidly as our love grew stronger. 
He showed me how to be a parent when I was still trying to figure out my own selfish life.
 He taught me the meaning of giving when I'd only been used to receiving.

He treated me with compassion and care when I never experienced being treated like a woman.

He showed me the meaning of humility when I was used to boastfulness.

He has never been or will ever be the mushy type or one to whisper sweet nothings but will surprise me when I least expect it with genuine thoughtfulness.

He has high expectations but far exceeds any limitations that are placed upon him.

He cleans, does laundry, cooks, irons, does yard work, can fix a car, bathes kids, sits quietly at sports games and cheers loudly at concerts. 

He is strikingly handsome and dresses very well. 

He is retired from the military and still irons his shirts from the dry-cleaners and knows how to fold a fitted sheet....correctly.

He is quiet around strangers and raucous at home with us.

He thinks Fred Sanford is the funniest man on television and lights up when a Michael Jackson song is playing.

Thanks Ced for being such a wonderful husband and an even better man.  Thanks for all the little things you do so that I can follow my passion to lead a healthy life.  You motivate me to work my hardest, to treat others with kindness, to guide others to be better people.

I love you!  Happy Anniversary.


Angie said...

Such a beautiful post! Happy Anniversary!

Unknown said...

So sweet! Happy Anniversary....9yrs and still going strong! Many blessings to you both!

Lula Lola said...

Happy Anniversary to the two of you! I can tell how much you love him by the way you described him. And he does sound pretty wonderful! A compassionate caring man who also helps around the house! Sounds like you scored!
And that picture is adorable!

Anonymous said...

You are gorgeous together! Happy Anniversary!

ABW said...

Happy Anniversary! I'm a friend of Dave's, but I LOVE this post!

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