Monday, July 12, 2010

I'm Baaaaaack

I think the hardest part of a vacation is coming home and trying to get back to reality.  Gone are the days of sleeping until I wake up, eating without much care, worrying about nothing, and laughing my nights away.

Vacation was the perfect treat for completing my first round of Insanity, but I didn't leave my Insane world completely at home.  I rocked out Max Interval Circuit in my parent's backyard in the humidless early morning breeze.  I pushed aside all my inhibitions as my brother and I tested out Max Plyo in the hotel fitness room adjacent to a meeting room of gawking onlookers. 

I ran outside at an hour I could never run in Texas.  I passed by my old elementary school, junior high and high school all on the same run.  I ran along a path with hills I had forgotten surrounded the area where I once lived in North Dakota. 

We met the rest of my family and spent a few days on a lake in Minnesota.  My sons experienced catching their first fish and plucking off their first leeches!  I enjoyed watching them be happy outdoors.

I had not been in a boat since college.  That's far too long!

I drank margaritas by day and wine by night.  I worried about nothing and stayed up far too late.

Now it's back to reality and it's hard, I admit.  How great it would be to live like this everyday?  But life is about moderation.  Too much of a good thing may not always be best.  It's time with family that I crave and being away from them makes my appreciation far exceed my longing to see them often. 

It's back to my food journal and my 4:30 a.m. wake up calls.  It's back to hot, humid runs before sunrise and back to my daily routine.  Times like this are what motivate me to keep pushing play on those Insanity DVDs and keep running just one more mile. 

I learned my mental health and well-being is just as important as my physical health this past week.  I am sad to be home, but a healthy dose of family and fresh Minnesota lake water is exactly what I needed. 

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