Wednesday, July 14, 2010


They say that one woman's failure is another woman's success.  Okay, maybe the quote is more about trash and treasures, but you get the point.

We all have different benchmarks for success when it comes to our personal goals.  I tend to be very goal-driven when it comes to my personal fitness.  Before I accomplish a goal, I'm already planning my next achievement.  It's the way I work and what works for me. 

Success is very objective.  My son Keelan completed his first round of Insanity right along with me.  He also completed his last round of Insanity.  To him, being able to say he did it is his definition of success.  That chapter of his life is closed.  The same can be said about running a marathon.  It's one of those bucket list things for many people.  For some it's "did that, won't ever do it again", and for others it's the beginning of a new passion.

My son Jackson has a huge fear of water in his face.  He freaks out walking in the rain and having his hair washed.  He loves to swim, as long as his face gets no where near the water, but made huge strides last week on our vacation.  Jumping off the boat dock into three inches of water shouting "CANNONBALL" was progress for him.

How do you define success in your personal fitness goals?  Are you driven by goals and day to day progress or do you feel successful if you skip dessert?  Are you competitive or complacent?  A self-motivator or do you need motivation?  What is your motivation?  What is your benchmark for success?

These are all really important things to consider when you're ready to make a change in your life.  Not everyone is cut out to do P90X or Insanity or run a 5K.  Once you understand what drives you and what success means, it's easier to embark on a new journey to a healthier lifestyle. 

Perhaps you're ready to cross that threshold of complacency and set a goal for success. Maybe you just need someone to hold you accountable.  Whatever it is that causes you to shout "CANNONBALL", the time is now to take the plunge!

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